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Indian Point Campground: Branson's Lake & Recreation Destination

For those looking for a campground near Branson which offers access to top attractions as well as Table Rock Lake, Indian Point is worth a consideration. The park itself is only a short distance from the 76 Strip and has quick access to Silver Dollar City, even sharing a tram system with the park.

The campground is well spaced and offers shaded sites for a variety of sizing options from tent camping to larger pull through sites. Each site boasting the standard amenities for travel of a fire ring and picnic table. Many also have connections available and include both water and electrical offerings.

The site offers a dump station for those RVers needing the service and day use areas for those wanting to visit for fun day at the lake without the commitment of an overnight stay. Picnic Shelters are available and can also be rented for special events and larger groups.

Restrooms here vary and have both standard restrooms and shower houses. The set up itself is very nice and looks to be much more improved than some parks in the area offering a bit more privacy from the typical sites which have only curtain doors. The facilities instead look very well maintained and have private restroom and shower units for those using them. Although they are still recommending as much distancing as possible and use of your own isolated restrooms when applicable.

When I visited I noticed the sites are not all created equally in way of parking, some were very lengthy and could easily allow for more than one vehicle while others were lucky to have a small parking area for a car and tent. My advice is to defiantly look and book online before coming to the park before any trip to ensure your spacing. For those not doing so, additional parking is located throughout the park in small pull out areas near restrooms and closer to the boat ramp areas.

With recent closures of many outdoor areas, this location has opened its doors to tourists once again for the season and with that it has quickly become a popular destination. For this reason you will want to book ahead of time and be prepared to face larger than usual crowds when using the public spaces.

Rains also can dictate your usage of certain portions of the park as the level of the lake can climb and engulf the swimming beach and outlets to the marina. Upon my visit I noticed the swimming beach was completely under water and thus the facilities near it were not able to be used. The marina was very busy despite many of the walkways being underwater slightly or a brief walk through water to get to.

The overall feel of this campground is very homey as the people visiting all seem to be very family friendly. The limitation of alcohol keeps man of the party goes away from this park and it allows for quieter evenings and more family based fun inside the park itself with the vast open spaces.

In addition to the lake and campground themselves, there is a small general store located just across from the camp to make those last minute pick ups a bit easier to find versus running back into town. This is extremely helpful for those who need something small but don’t want to have to drive far to get it. A small restaurant is also located in this area.


  • If you are staying here book online and really look at the map when doing so to ensure your sizing needs are met in way of parking.

  • Venture into Branson for live shows and music, activities and more!!

  • Take a hike on one of the many hiking trails in the areas and explore this region of Missouri!!

  • Check the weather before securing a waterfront site. Lake levels are displayed on the Table Rock website and you will want to make sure you are not visiting when lakes are overflowing to the point of cutting down your adventure. CLICK HERE FOR LAKE LEVELS


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