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MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights: Why You Need Them For Travel Or Home

As a person who travels often, I have found a variety of challenges which accompany any good adventure. Some of the best views come without the access to power connections and as a result I have relied heavily on lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. But these aren’t always the best solution for truly illuminating your campsite as a whole and have a controlled radius of light which does not often spread beyond the exact area for which they are placed.

When I discovered the MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights & Mobile Charger, I was intrigued to say the least. The set offered many solutions to my common problems as I could distribute light throughout my campsite better and did not have to rely on sure power or vehicle assisted power.


  • 18 ft Cord With 10 Warm LED White Lights

  • 4 Modes (Flashlight Mode, String Light Low, Medium & High)

  • 11.3 oz

  • 2 inches x 5 inches

First Impressions

When I first placed the order, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it arrived, only a few days following finalizing the order. It was placed in a size comparable box, which eliminates much of the excessive waste which often comes from packaging from other vendors.

The product was very clear upon initial opening as to what would be required before the product could be used, it would need to be charged either by USB or direct sunlight before use. Additionally the instruction panel on the back was very clear as to how the lights would work following their charge, making it very easy to understand and use.

The color is true to color from the images online and is different than many outdoor products which steer toward earth tones, but I really liked that it had a bit more personality!!

First Use

I opted to place the light on my porch mid-afternoon on a hot Texas day. Knowing that the temps for operating stretch from 32 degrees to 113 degrees, I was confident this would be well within its bounds. I allowed it a few hours to charge just for testing however did not fully charge the light on the first use.

While I allowed it to charge I noticed that it can take up to 16 hours in direct sunlight to charge fully or 5 hours with the USB cord. Charging it for 2 hours in the Texas sun, I achieved half charge, which was very surprising.

Using this at home for the first use I was thinking a bit more outside of the box and opted to use this on my patio area, an area which typically we use much larger lights to illuminate. I wanted to see if it would produce enough light for me to comfortably enjoy an evening outside and be able to see everything similarly to that of the existing lights, which are a bit more clunky and can break when moved about to much.

Following the initial charge I was able to pop open the light and reveal a corded string of lights which was very flexible and much easier to secure and maneuver than the corded lights I had been using. The main unit of the light where the panel is visible has a nice cord which can be suspended from a pole, your tent or in this case a plant hook with ease. It is lightweight and causes no burden.

I turned on the lights for the first time and quickly noticed that mode 1 is the flashlight mode, wasn’t fully expecting that so it was a very bright lesson learned. Modes 2-4 control the level of intensity of the string lights each progressing slightly from the last.

In comparison to the lights we had been using and connecting to a power source, the light is much softer feeling, but it created more of a moody look which was quite pleasing. On the 2 hours of charge I had given the lights I was able to use the Luci solar string lights all evening without dimming even a bit. I went on to test further and realized that they were able to hold charge from that 2 hours (half charge) for around 8-9 hours.

The Pros:

  • Portable

  • No need for power source

  • Can be charged anywhere there is sun or a USB

  • Easily suspended

  • Easy to travel with

  • Splash resistent

The Cons:

  • Light is a bit softer than typical garden lights which rely on power

  • Not FULLY waterproof

While you can see that there are a couple of small cons, neither is a deal breaker. The pros of the MPOWERD do truly outweigh the cons as it is something that for only $44 can really bring value at home or when traveling.

I additionally found the lights to be helpful as disaster lights, when power failed at the home, unique photo lights, giving off a soft glow for some beautiful captures, and an alternate to less attractive twinkle lights or dimmer lights for the home.

Whether I take this on the road, stowing it under my seat or on my dash for charging, or am home utilizing this as a great outdoor light which creates ambiance, the MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights & Mobile Charger is adding value to my gear in more ways than I can even begin to express. No longer will I be worried about having to find an outlet for charging my phone or having a light for my camp and wasting a beautiful view by rushing off, now I will be able to take the moments and enjoy a bit more time in some of the most amazing places that exist.


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