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Travel Fashion: Why Are Beanies Important (An Honest Review)

Did you know that you lose the vast majority of your body heat through not covering your head? Studies prove that over half of your body heat is lost through your head when not covered. Reasoning relates to the amount of skin exposed accounting for 7% of your total skin surface area and most of that rarely covered, unlike much of the other portions of your body.

A quick way to ensure your body stay warmer during cooler conditions or to keep you feeling cozy on a typically rainy day is to wear a hat.

On the day I visited the HOH OxBow Campground it was especially chilly following a night of excessive rains. Though I had several Banner & Oak hats with me, the one I reached for was the Banner & Oak Range Beanie in the Color Olive.

The beanie retails for $24, a bit higher than I typically would spend on a beanie, but it was apparent as to why the additional cost once I put it on. Unlike many beanies I have tried over my adventures this one is a bit thicker as it uses a double layered knit. It is resistant to most elements through its construction and quickly became a favorite for cold weather.

Despite being a thicker set material I found it to fit snug without being to tight on my head and it allowed me to style it in several ways depending on my need.

For the cooler day of hiking through the rainforest, where it later began to rain I wore the hat in a more slouchy offset to the back styling. When I was a little further down the road toward Crater Lake and stumbled upon freezing temperatures and light snow, I was able to place the beanie more firmly on my head and lower on the ears for more coverage and warmth.

All in all between the fit, color and options it provided me for warmth I would rate this as one of my go to items when it comes to cool weather travel. The investment in good headwear is important and often times overlooked when it comes to packing for an adventure, but this one proves that it is a necessary point which should be considered on every travel check list.


  • When shopping on Banner & Oak check out the men’s section even if you are a woman. The hats on the site do vary from section to section slightly and in my opinion some of the more fun hats are featured on the men’s listing.

  • Remember when packing for winter to bring closed back hats and beanies as opposed to snapbacks with open vents this will keep you warmer when you travel during cool weather.

  • Consider wearing a beanie when you sleep in colder weather, this will keep your body temperature much higher even when in a tent.


This article is an honest review of the Banner & Oak Brand. All opinions are my own. I was sent a package from the affiliate The Dyrt for review as a part of their Ranger program. These are my real first impressions as well as why I personally feel it is important to use products of this type.


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