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Travel With Year Round Protection: Finding Your Ultimate Sunglasses

Throughout the year no matter the season we all can often find ourselves reaching for the sunglasses. We wear them in our cars, we wear them walking to and from the parking lot to a store and we we wear them while traveling.

Sunglasses are not merely associated with warm weather, they often can be just as beneficial during cold weather as well. Why?? Because the one job of sunglasses is to protect our eyes from harmful UV Rays. UV does not know a season, it is constantly present and menacing and is the leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

UV reflects off of surfaces such as sand, snow or water and as it bounces off these surfaces causes a condition called Photokeratitis. It is commonly known as eye burn, snow blindness or white stars in your night vision.

A quick test to see if you have already experienced this issue even in a small amount is to do a quick night vision check. If when outdoors at night the typical street lights, car lights or business lights start to have a star like output which distorts the light itself slightly or blurs it all together this means you have already experienced some of these UV related damages and should be taking steps to ensure you do not continually damage your eyes.

On a sunny, rainy or snowy day alike you are at risk and always should find sunglasses which can assist in this process of protection. There are five categories of sunglasses and hundreds of designs and shape which can suit your needs and wants.

Fashion Spectacles are typically categorized in level 0 or 1 when it comes to UV protection. These are your less expensive frames which usually can be found pretty much everywhere for $10 or less. Level 0 usually provides very limited UV protection overall and are largely considered to be a shade over the eye only. Level 1 does provide some glare reduction but still is very light on UV protection overall. While you can purchase a variety of lens tinting options within this price point which can make your surroundings appear more crisp these still will be overall very limited.

When moving into a mid range option Level 2 and 3 provide much more reliable protection in way of UV. These sunglasses typically can be found at price points between $10 and $100 with higher end frame options also available for higher price points. Level 2 provides a medium level of sun glare and a good level of UV protection. Level 3 provides a good level of UV protection and a high level of sun glare reduction. In this category you will start to see the spectrum of options fan outward vastly. Lenses range in color and help soften the appearance of natural light when it passes in, golden tone shades make things appear more crisp and brown and black options can work in a variety of ways.

Level 4 is the highest level of protection across the board. These are considered to be used for special purposes and often can be found in prescription form as well as commercially. These are for intense protection and are used by professional athletes which endure the elements often as well. Price points on these can run from the hundreds to the thousands.

Now that we have determined the importance of sunglasses and why we need them overall. The fun part!! Selecting the shades which are perfect for your adventure and lifestyle. This is the part which we all enjoy the most well beyond the science of the matter. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is a defining moment that helps you shape your look for your travels. With the right pair of shades your look pops and stands out above the rest, with the wrong ones you look like you just blend in with the crowd.

I personally have a few pairs which I truly enjoy. While my typical shape remains consistent I have fun playing with other shapes and thinking outside of the box. But while I acknowledged that I have a standard shape which looks best on me thanks to friends, many people struggle to find a shape which truly is flattering and instead buy only into trends. But that is where the shape chart comes into play!

When searching for your perfect frames you want to know what you will look best in and what will stand up to the test of time with your personal look. Taking note of this can then help you purchase a couple of pairs which best suit your look and will function in the best way for your day to day life.

I like to have a couple pairs of sunglasses at all times which I adventure with just in case something happens, I always have a back up. Typically I gravitate toward aviators which are best suited for my face shape. When it comes to fashionable choices I also have a pair of aviators which look great with pretty much everything and also a pair of fun shades in a unique shape to style in a variety of ways. It really is about finding what you enjoy then pressing your limits with fun prints and colors.

My eyes are very sensitive to light and always have been so for me finding glasses which offer glare reduction is something which spares me a lot of headache, quite literally. I often even on a cloudy day am wearing shades because the reflection off of the clouds can be so harsh, much more than you might think. Having functional options has been the saving grace in my adult years when it comes to my eyes. I do not feel self conscious when attending events with my shades on because I know the shape is flattering to my face and not just a curtain to hide behind. I own my look and it is because I know it suits me well!!


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