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Valentine Adventure Ideas For The Everyday Person

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it happens to fall on a Friday!! So why not turn a single day of celebrating into a weekend adventure!! Wether you are single and ready to mingle or attached and happy, you can treat yourself and or your special someone to something unique this coming week instead of just sticking the standard staples of dinner or a movie.

Adventures come in all packages and don’t always have to mean traveling far away. There are options for all budgets and levels of adventure. You might be just as surprised what you find in your own backyard as you would if you traveled to a remote destination. While we all might not live in a single place, we can find common themes for adventure!!

Book A Random Weekend Flight

For those really wanting to do something epic and different, be SPONTANEOUS!! I suggest climbing on an app like Hopper or Expedia and searching “flights under $100”. Don’t worry about the destination itself, only the price and find yourself a round trip under $100 that is to a location you have never visited.

By doing this you will be very surprised just what you might find out there. I know any trip I have ever taken on a whim using this strategy has led to much excitement and more than a few unique experiences. Picture exploring a new city with your loved one and indulging in your time together doing things which pull you out of your norms.

While this method might not be ideal for everyone, for those who like a fun adventure it is a perfect way to do something unique without the hassle of lengthy planning. You never know you might just find something you love in a place you never expected!!

Depending on your airport size you might also be quite shocked as to what you have at your disposal using this method. I for example am in the DFW area and often can find flights for under $100 to places like New Orleans, Denver, Phoenix and even Las Vegas.



  • Find a city with a view and take it in

  • Go play in the snow if you are from an area which doesn’t get any

  • Listen to the waves crashing if you don’t have an ocean yourself

  • Go shopping in a unique place

  • Dine at a restaurant signature to the area you are in

  • Go all out and theme your trip to your location

  • Stay at a 5 star hotel and treat yourself fully

  • Indulge in local culture

  • Visit museums or galleries

  • Do your own unique travel photo shoot


Plan A Weekend Road Trip

Those not wanting to take the plunge of a flight but also wanting to travel a bit over the weekend might consider loading the car and taking off for a trip. Your trip can vary on where you go or what you plan on doing.

If you love the outdoors, find a location which offers hiking and take a walk together with your partner or solo if you are enjoying the holiday alone. Think about locations which might offer unique features you cannot see at your own home on any given day. For example, I might seek out waterfalls because in my hometown there are not any and the areas around me are more flat and dry. You can of course find something unique to your own likes on your adventure.

If you are not wanting to venture outdoors or the weather does not permit, find a unique Bed and Breakfast or accommodation to enjoy which removes you from having to make the bed or worry about the dishes. Just escape and allow yourself to unplug and unwind.

While on this adventure plan activities which allow you to bond with your partner uniquely or treat yourself to something you cannot find at home. I for one love art and often find myself exploring the many galleries along the way when I road trip. I take my time and really take in the unique moments of each of these stops.

Each couple and individual have their own taste and likes but there really are no wrong answers if you are enjoying the moments together!! Just make sure you are challenging yourself to explore the world from beyond your typical day to day life.



  • Take a hike

  • Visit a tourist area and see the sights

  • Try new restaurants you do not have in your area

  • Treat yourself to a new outfit(s) from a unique boutique

  • Take a cruise on a lake

  • Take a tour in a unique way

  • See a show or musical

  • Go to a theme park

  • Do a dessert crawl

  • Pub Crawl

  • Check out a sunset in a unique location



If you are unable to travel at all, don’t worry there are plenty of things you can find around you that can still create an adventure!!

A lot of people’s common misconception is that a Staycation has to be done entirely from home. However, a staycation can simply mean you are staying in your area and enjoying the perks of life from your hometown.

When enjoying a staycation you can find a spa to visit during the day, a new restaurant you haven’t tried, a museum which you might have never had the opportunity to explore or even a park or botanic garden you have seen signs for in passing but never taken the time to see in person.

I recommend a staycation where you actually GET OUT of the house and do something unique!! Many times when we stay at home we do not take the time for ourselves and instead see all of the things we should be doing such as house work or getting caught up on work from home. When trying to celebrate your partner or even yourself you can stay home without falling into the traps of being stuck in your same routine.

Make it a point if you are taking a staycation to do something out of your ordinary!!



  • Painting With A Twist

  • Go to mini golf

  • Find a museum

  • Explore the city on scooters

  • Take a walk together on a park path

  • Eat at a new restaurant

  • Visit a sporting event together

  • Visit a spa

  • Catch a movie at a dine in theater

  • Get dressed up and do date night on the town.


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