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Beachside Dining In Corpus:  Fajitaville Review

On a hot day at the North Shore Beach of Corpus Christi nothing beats a cool break from fun in the sun. As we traveled down the seaside sidewalks looking for just that place, Fajitaville emerged with its brightly colored bold colors from the sand and lured us in with its welcoming appearance. A multi level restaurant and bar, Fajitaville makes its mark on the beach as it transitions from dining to night spot at 10 p.m. for those wanting to keep the party going til the beach closes at 2 a.m. Long before this transition however, we found ourselves there at 2 p.m. and opted to take a seat in the more family friendly second floor restaurant area. While downstairs you are greeted with a massive bar and atmosphere conducive to parties and rolling in with sandy feet and a cold one, upstairs is a laid back more relaxed atmosphere more appropriate for children. The air conditioning is about 20 degrees cooler there and the views are just as spectacular as you can look into not only the beach but the shipping lanes and the USS Lexington. Service is very prompt at Fajitaville and a variety of lunch specials are offered alongside the regular menus. Beverages range from the mild to wild with a few tame versions of the amped up summer favorites including both alcoholic and non alcoholic coladas and daiquiris for the hottest of summer days. We elected to have the lunch portion of pork tacos which were served with a zesty chipotle ranch sauce and slaw on homemade tortillas. The special was served with rice and Cuban black beans. When the food arrived all I could say is the tacos were much larger than I had expected.

Typically in resort communities, a $10 will not stretch to far on a plate, however for $8.99 two large style stuffed tacos arrived with sides. No street sized tacos here, nope fully stuffed to leave you full for your return to the recreation. The beans were unique and had an amazing flavor which would leave you wondering if you could take the recipe home with you while the rice was the only note on the plate which didn't seem to leave you with any thoughts positive or negative as it was overshadowed. The tacos were a zesty flavor combination which stood out above many Tex-Mex dishes I have had as the slaw freshened up the heaviness of the pork and the cojita cheese seemed to bring everything together with a light sprinkle. As we are we looked on at the activities below through the large windows all alongside the south side of the restaurant. Many downstairs engaged in cornhole games while others walked about the beaches. All in all the location, the food and the prices made this a must stop in Corpus Christi. 🐰🐰🐰🐰⚪️ This one gets 4 of 5 Bunnies for its overall quality. Just shy of the 5th bunny because of coming from beachside you do have to walk through the bustling bar, not ideal for families wishing to avoid that atmosphere. I would for sure think this would be quite the night spot if in the area however for that same bar area, just not ideal for families entering. Tip: If you are super hot, sit on second level for the cool off factor, also if you have children otherwise enjoy the games and atmosphere down in one of the loungers right on the beach!  

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