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Late Night Food Cravings In San Antonio:  Mama Margie's Mexican Cafe Review

If you ever find yourself in San Antonio with a late night craving, Mama Margie's and it's 4 locations might just be the stop for you. Unlike typical breakfast establishments which serve up anything from hash to pancakes in diner style fashion, this late night eatery focuses on food with a Mexican flare with large plates and bold flavors. I was looking for something after a long day out which would be filling and flavorful when I happened upon this restaurant. What I wasn't expecting to find was one of the largest plates of food I had seen in the south. All servings seemed to be larger than life, but the nachos took on a new meaning when it came to the word grande. The nachos I ordered stood about 5 inches off the plate base and were covered in a combination of picadillo meat, cheese, potatoes and onion. They were softened but not mushy and each made for a perfect bite alongside the sour cream and guacamole served atop. I ordered these upon an employee suggestion and I must say they did not disappoint as I by no means could consume them all because of their sheer size.

Prices were fair with all plates under $10 and portions on many of these fitting for 2 people instead of a single. Drink options were numerous and included both alcoholic and non alcoholic options for those stopping through. It seemed this was the place to be as families were there even late into the night alongside those passing through or pregaming for their night out. The bright colors of the interior alongside the patio area were inviting to crowds of all ages. All meals were served up and accompanied by a salsa bar which featured pico, both mild and hot salsas, jalapeños, avocado salsa and cilantro. A lot of options for those looking to further their meals already bold flavors. 🐰🐰🐰⚪️⚪️ Overall for portion size and price point this place gets 3 of 5 Bunnies. However, despite flavorful dishes the menu seemed to lack some clarity for those first timers like myself and that led to some wasted food, which I do not like to do. Tip: Take an appetite or split a plate with friends and go family style.   

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