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Solo Traveler Tip For Taking The Perfect Selfie

One of the things you never consider when traveling alone are the differences in things ranging from solo meals all the way to how to take that perfect selfie when traveling. In fact, most feel like the photos they see on Instagram of the glamorized lifestyle on the road are unattainable once they actually take to the roads alone and realize they aren't able to capture similar images.

I, like all travelers, found myself wondering how I could capture these moments and get the images I wanted without that extended arm look in every photo. The value I have gained through learning simple patience in this process has been priceless and has brought a rich value of knowledge in regard to this "skill" if you want to call it that.

Using a series of tripods and self timer and a lot of creativity I have been able to finally capture many of the images I have been desiring to capture but not been able to when solo traveling. Is it easy? Not always, but is it worth it? Absolutely!!

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