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Stretching Your Dollars In Colorado Springs With Free Museums

So you are traveling to a new place and really want to explore the city but also stretch your budget…. What do you do?

This is one of the most popular things I am asked by those looking to plan an adventure. I personally always look first toward activities which I can find which are outdoors, reason being you are exploring a new city or area and what better way to do so than getting out to really explore.

With places like Colorado, outdoor spaces are part of the fabric of the people. Vast mountains, hiking trails and waterfalls abound and make for some of the most intriguing places to start your journey. Many of these ares are free of charge and make for not only the best stories but also selfies for those looking to make their mark on their trip.

My next suggestion is to find free museums in the area. These museums typically will educate you on the area and allow you to see the full picture of the people and the location itself. While not all of these museums would be your typical stops, visiting something a bit different will inspire you in an entirely unique way.

I have found some of the museums and galleries in various areas across the country to be some of the most interesting places to stop, not to mention when you speak to those at the museums they typically have additional suggestions for places of interest depending on your ambitions in the city or location.

Traveling to Colorado Springs I applied this method for stretching the dollar when planning and discovered that I could f have 6 very different experience excursions indoors along with the countless dozens outdoors absolutely FREE.

It has always been a point of mine to find education along the way to enrich myself as I travel and through these very different locations I can do just that while also having a little fun along the way. The city truly has a wide spectrum for those visiting to enjoy depending on their interests and for that reason I wanted to share 6 FREE excursions.

1 - Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum - 215 Tejos Street - Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. - FREE

This museum includes some 60,000 pieces including Western art, quilts, artifacts from Native Americans of the area, historical pieces from the mining industry which paved the way for many of the Colorado communities and specialty exhibits. You can tour the many historic rooms and explore the research rooms which are available.

2 - Dr. Lester L. Williams Fire Museum - 375 Printers Parkway - Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - FREE

This museum features a vast collection of items used throughout the years saving lives through the fire department. Including a memorial area for those which served to protect and save this museum is a unique reflection on those which so bravely place their lives on the line to protect. Including several fire trucks and items this museum tells a story to all those which visit.

3 - Compassion International - 12290 Voyager Parkway - Open Monday through Friday Tours At 10 a.m. Noon & 2 p.m. - FREE

Through its traveling exhibits and its hour long tours Compassion International serves to educate individuals on conditions in other lands. Showcasing the day in the life of single individuals it allows those visiting to see the differences between cultures and conditions in hopes of shedding light on the harsh realities and how we can all work together to make the world a better place. This is a humanitarian exhibit that is a must see in Colorado.

4 - Peterson Air & Space Museum - 150 E Ent Ave, Peterson Air Force Base - Open Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. - FREE

This stop will require a DOD check to allow access to the base, however this can be done online or in person just allow for additional time before you want to explore and come earlier in the day because this sometimes can take time.

After gaining access to the base you will be taken through a timeline of legacy through both air and space exploration. The museum will give you one of the most up close and personal looks at many of the vessels which have flown over the skies in both war and peace while also allowing hands on exhibits for all ages.

5 - Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame - 5867 N Nevada Ave - Open Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - FREE

For the motorcycle enthusiast, this stop is a perfect stop. Featuring over 75 full restored vintage cycles as well as a history of the recreational vehicles this stop is walk back in time as the evolution of bikes has changed the way the people travel the many highways.

6 - Manitou Springs Heritage Center - 517 Manitou Ave - Open Monday through Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - FREE

Designated originally to communicate the history of Manitou Springs and continue the traditions of the past, this location also has added a vast array of historical references to Pikes Peak and the many items of interest in the surrounding area. The Center hosts an annual festival and throughout the year also offers unique experiences including ghost tours.

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