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Slick Rock Campground Review

After driving the majority of the day from Denver to Moab and managing to escape the upcoming winter weather blowing into the Colorado I-70 corridor, there was nothing I wanted more than to find a campsite which was dry and warm.    Traveling with my friend, which had not been camping with me before it was imperative that we found a campground that would have facilities which were both accessible and acceptable.   

Entering Moab we found a great fit in SlickRock Campground, just a 3 mile drive from Arches National Park, it was a perfect stop for the night.  Arriving late in the day just before sunset, the campground host was pleasant and let us drive in to select which tent site we preferred.   Offering both covered and uncovered sites as well as single and double sites it appeared to meet the needs of campers of all kinds.  

The site offered a pool and hot tub for those wishing to soak a bit after a long day wandering around the natural wonders of Moab or just wanting to soak away the evening hours.  The office offered a variety of supplies and snacks including canned goods, ice creams, drinks and beverages for adults and candy for the kids.    Also inside were a full listing of attractions in the Moab area which could help the traveler still trying to figure out just what they wanted to do in their time away from home.

With three bathhouses throughout the property the campground really seemed to have the campers needs at heart offering services within only a short few yards of each campsite.   The bathhouses are large with several showers as well as toilets and plenty of sink space for spreading out for your morning routine.  A bathhouse of this size could easily accommodate the crowds during the busy season and prove to be a cool retreat during warm summer months.

When we actually arrived to our site we were pleased to find even ground free of debris or rocks, a picnic table and a charcoal bbq station.    We selected an uncovered space, which turned out to be our only negative of the evening as in late fall the leaves were falling constantly and hitting the tent making for some adjustment when attempting to settle for the evening.

The campground was relatively quiet with only a little noise from fellow campers.    Though it seemed to dwindle as quiet time hours fell around 10 p.m.   

And the bigger bonus…. All tent sites were only $20 because of an offseason special being observed when we visited late in October.    Typically for $20 you almost have to be in a primitive campsite without amenities or a state or nationally run facility, however this was a privately run facility with more than a few perks.   In comparison, a campground just up the way was double in price point with similar amenities. 

On the negative side around 7 a.m.  nearby roadwork or construction woke us aggressively alongside the cold.   The cold obviously was a product of our choice to camp during fall however the construction was a byproduct of local elements, so if you are choosing to visit Moab you might want to select a campsite toward the back of the property to avoid a bit of the sounds generated.

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