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Free And Fun In Vegas: What They Don't Want You To Know

So you aren’t much of a gambler but still want to take a trip to one of the cities that never sleeps. You have an obsession with seeing the lights and taking in a show but aren’t one for just the party scene and actually want to do a little tourism while visiting the city famed for its torrid roots in old Hollywood and mobster culture. But where do you go??


When I visited Las Vegas, my mind was all a swirl looking for just such options. Though I had been before I wasn’t well versed just yet in the multitude of options which were out there for those wishing to take on the city in a slightly less conventional way.

But then I started finding the fabric of some of the tourism in Vegas, the pieces of its culture that make it one of the most unique places on earth as a cultural blend of visitors each year see the world through the prospective of the City which caters to everyone and al ages.

Despite being a city which passes billions of dollars through its doors each and every week, the options for those traveling on a budget abound and with a little work you can find numerous free attractions which show you the Vegas experience though a slightly less conventional approach.

Casinos are each individually their own unique city, with a theme which passes throughout and has created the ambiance to which people flock. Many offering shows which can be quite pricey, they also have a feature of novelties at a reduced cost. For those not afraid to wander the casino floors to find their next big adventure this is the place for you.

Bellagio is the home of the ever changing and completely FREE botanic garden

Live Circus Performances - Every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. scattered throughout the Circus Circus Casino, those seeking a bit of entertainment can find it through a variety of ever-changing live acts of clowns and acrobats. But hey if you aren’t into freaky clowns might pass on this one as the theme of the hotel itself could leave you a bit on edge if you happen to have this phobia.


Dancing Fountain At the Bellagio - Every 30 Minutes during weekdays and ever 15 Minutes after 8 p.m. throughout the week you will be seduced by the movement of a waltzing water show just outside of the Bellagio Casino. Orchestrated to top 40 tunes and classic favorites the fountain is a must see for anyone traveling down Las Vegas Boulevard. This is one of the most recognized freebies in Vegas, a must see!!

Volcano Eruption at Mirage - 2 to 3 times a night you can see the spectacle of eruption at one of Vegas top casinos as the ground seems to move and the showcase of the Mirage paints a vivid picture of such drama for all those onlooking. Don’t miss the last eruption Sunday through Friday at 8 p.m. or Saturday at 9 p.m.


Atlantis At Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops - While long since passed are the moving statues, Caesar’s now showcases a show of sorts free to those passing through its vast shopping center. Every hour on the hour from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. traffic stops to see the spectacular fire and water which paints an elaborate depiction of the story of Atlantis. This one is one you won’t want to miss!

Wildlife In Vegas? - At the Flamingo, you can check out a little piece of wildlife for free with flamingos, penguins, swans, ducks turtles and koi in a beautiful setting which will leave a smile on your face no matter your age. On display day and night visitors can visit and take a moment to step away from the bluster of movement on the strip and just enjoy the simple things as a family or individual.

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