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Travel 101: America's Worst Toll Roads

Traveling can already be pretty costly for those who choose to drive, while many times you do in fact save in the long run driving, especially with a larger family, you quickly can see the charges add up and make it feel like less of a savings when traveling through populated areas which contain toll roads.

While 25 states will not cause you a headache when traveling, the other 25 might just have you digging in your cup holder for those extra quarters to throw in meters or checking your mail for those dreaded tolls.

But where are the most expensive toll roads in the US and just how much are they per mile??

  • Chesapeake Expressway - Virginia - $1.05 cents per mile

  • 17- Mile Drive - California - $0.54 cents per mile

  • Ford Bend Parkway - Houston - $0.53 cents per mile

  • Chicago Skyway - Chicago - $0.51 cents per mile

  • Delaware Turnpike - Delaware - $0.36 cents per mile

  • E-470 - Denver - $0.33 cents per mile

  • SR-73 - Orange County California - $0.25 cents per mile

  • Texas State Highway 130 - Texas - 14.6 cents per mile

  • Triangle Expressway - Raleigh - 14.5 cents per mile

  • Florida State Road 417 - Florida - 14.3 cents per mile

  • New Jersey Turnpike - New Jersey - 11.4 cents per mile

Motorist looking to avoid these costly toll roads around the US might have some luck planning in advance, using GPS which navigates routes which do not include tolls or even using some residential exploration when driving. However if you are in one of the 25 states with tolls just know that you could be at risk of running upon these during your travels.

Florida is the most widely covered states with tolls spanning some 657 miles of toll roads in and around some of the most tourist ridden areas in the state. For those in larger vehicles these tolls can sometimes double or even triple in some regions. Remember toll guidelines change from state to state and vehicle to vehicle so what might cost you a flat fee in some regions might cost you an axle fee in others.

Save your coins, count your cash and buckle up it is going to be a long but manageable ride don’t sweat the cents when you are still saving the dollars by driving and not flying.

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