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Top 3 Travel Games For Kids

Ever travel with your children only to notice they become quickly agitated by the lengthy time on the road. You might recall the sounds of the chorus of "are we there yet?" sounding throughout your car to the point that you have possibly even questioned why you decided to make such a journey.

The best possible way to stop this before it happens is finding something interactive the children can do while traveling to make the road a bit less mundane.

Through years of seeing games and even playing many of them I have found the 3 best games for keeping children entertained while taking on those lengthy road trips. Hours will fly by as the entire family has fun while cruising down the road and the "are we there yet?" will fade into the laughter.

1 - Road Trip Bingo - You can find cards for this game at most stores which have a children's section or you can make your own. The cards usually are age based and include everything from common symbols such as "car or truck" to more complex such as "u turn sign or national park". Depending on the skill level, someone from every age group can find these to be an interesting challenge.

You can find versions of this game at most parks or at local dollar stores or can have fun creating your own using normal crafting supplies at home. Making it a family friendly experience can be half of the fun as you prepare for the big trip and discuss the fun things you will see along the way!

2 - ABC Game - This one is pretty simple and requires absolutely no supplies. Each person's objective is to simply find the ABCs on the roadside on signs as you drive down the road. As you find a letter you must announce where you found it and the word it was in. As simple as it sounds you quickly start to realize there are not a lot of "Q or Z" words out there on roadsigns.

3 - 20 Questions - A person selects a person, place, thing or idea that they are then the other people in the car get to ask up to 20 questions to try to identify just what they are. This one can quickly get interesting depending on those playing and how much attention they are paying not only to their questions but to those of others. Again, no game pieces are required however sometimes it is nice to keep a tally just for winner's sake.

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