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Solo Girl Travel Tips: What To And Not To Do When Traveling Alone

It is more and more common for women to bravely travel where previously they had been to fearful to venture alone. Women are finding more and more independence in hiking, traveling and adventuring and where this had previously been somewhat of a taboo it is now becoming more and more of the norm.

In this age of modern traveling women, mindfulness of surroundings, planning and preparing and keeping a watchful eye when adventuring into the somewhat unknown are more and more of a focus when it comes to ladies on the go.

Traveling solo can differ greatly from group travel thus a few things fall into consideration when getting geared up to take on the world one location at a time.

  • Have A Safety Buddy - A safety buddy is someone who isn't traveling with you but you keep in touch with daily in regard to your location. They are given a basic itinerary before your departure and nightly you might even drop a pin to this person so they know you have reached your destination for the evening. This person is someone you trust and can follow up if they do not hear from you.

  • Pack Light - Yes we are women and typically known for our outlandish amount of luggage, but packing to heavy can actually become a safety issue if you are traveling. When traveling with lots of items you are making it known you are a traveler instead of a local and thus drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Avoid larger bags or very touristy looking luggage when traveling, especially abroad.

  • Don't Keep All Your Dollars In One Place - Just like your emergency stash at home you should always have an emergency stash somewhere in your baggage when traveling separate from your easily accessed funds. The reason for this being if something does happen to happen you are able to recover if you have hidden funds. Robbers are less likely to approach going through all your luggage or clothing than just to take what they can quickly get from you and run. Many travelers recommend putting money in your sock or in the bottom of a tampon box, a place no one is going to be looking.

  • Carry A Safety Device - Yes if you are flying this cannot be certain items so you want to be selective as to what you carry with you. A small mace or whistle can make all the difference in a problematic situation however. Not only will this protect you against another person but in cases of hiking a whistle can alert people if you have a fall which renders you unable to move or easily be seen by others.

  • Never Let People Know You Are Alone - This seems like a given, but even when you are in the comfort of a hotel sometimes ordering room service for one can be a sign. Never let anyone know you are staying alone even in the safest feeling hotel situations.

  • Never Wear Both Earbuds or Earphones - You should always be aware of your surroundings when traveling alone, even in the airport this tip can save you a lot of confusion and problems. You always want to be able to hear if someone is near you, sirens are going off or even if someone is trying to warn you or others around you of something going on. Sure we like that song, but we like being aware a lot more when it comes to solo safety.

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