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When In Pine Bluff: Historic Arkansas Art

When traveling through Arkansas you might happen upon Pine Bluff, one of the state's larger cities. And while it holds the title of county seat and has some of the most improved buildings in this area, the town which rests just a bit below Little Rock looks like a city stuck in time.

I have traveled through many improved cities swept up in progress, but Pine Bluff seems a bit frozen in time in comparison. It probably didn't help that I visited on a Sunday when all of downtown seemed to have rolled up the sidewalks just awaiting Monday to return. Older buildings were scattered amongst semi improved newer ones and had I have not seen a few chain restaurants and modern cars here and there I would have sworn that I was living in the past.

The town seems gritty and then suddenly you happen upon some of the historic murals which have made the community infamous. These murals depicting the humble beginnings and growth of the community are scattered throughout the downtown region and make for an interesting walk or drive throughout the area. You can hear the whistle of the train blowing through the main streets and can see a few remnants of the past as you move through some of the areas with original store fronts.

Pine Bluff is the home to The Band Museum, Arkansas Railroad Museum and Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical Museum. But you will want to make sure you you find the historic murals as well at the following sites.

Main Street, 1888 – 3rd & Main

The Old Fire Station – Between 7th & 8th Avenues on Main

Saracen – Barraque & Main

UAPB Mural – 2nd & Main

The Movie Mural – Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues on Main

The Timber Mural – 5th & Georgia Streets

The Medical Mural – 2nd & Main

The Arkansas Flag Mural – Chestnut & U.S. 65B

The River Mural – 5th & Pine Street

The Auto Club Mural – 3rd & Main

Delta Heritage – 2nd & Main

For additional information about Pine Bluff and things to do make sure you check out their official website HERE

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