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Important Apps For Traveling To Washington DC

When making a trip to Washington DC it can be a bit overwhelming as to which of the many landmarks and museums you might want to select. Fact is you could take a solid month of time in the area and not feel like you have adequately seen it all. So where do you start when you have a much more limited amount of time and how do you make the tough decisions of which stops will take priority with a short time frame.

By simply online searching the results can still be a bit overwhelming as the collections of information seem endless. But in the age of smart phones this archive of infinite option has been made accessible to the traveler and tourist simply trying to find a few items of interest in a more comprehensible way through two unique apps designed to make Washington DC more user friendly.

By logging onto the app store you can find SMITHSONIAN and NATIONAL MALL apps, both of which are free apps designed to provide large amounts of information at the touch of your fingers.



A National Park Service application, this app provides maps and listings for each of the 73 landmarks around Washington DC which might be of interest. Now before you get a bit overwhelmed by the number alone these are each attached to a map which can allow you to find places which are closest together and form your own walking tour without having to pay the price points of booking a guide.

Each location, monument and museum, when selected includes a brief history of the site and its origination along with the individual website for the location when applicable in the overview section. To the bottom of the app you will find other options including info, album and programs which can be selected. Info will include hours of operation, fees when applicable and parking instructions. Album includes photos taken by patrons to the exhibit and programs features special programs offered at the site throughout various seasons.

In addition to being able to create your own tour with simply the information provided, a few suggested tours have been established and preset in to the app including a Presidential Tour, Military Monuments Tour and both a 1 and 4 hour tour selection.



While the National Mall App also features information about the Smithsonian Museums for a more in depth look at the individual museums you can download the SMITHSONIAN app. This app stays current with rotating exhibits and will give you a more detailed look at what you will find when searching the various museums. In addition, through this app you will be able to find out more about passes and permits required for certain special exhibits being featured.

The app allows a user to search within the archives to find special items such as Presidential Portraits, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and other items of interest to allow them to find the correct museum, floor and exhibit in which they are featured. For those with something very specific in mind this will help really pin point the places they would want to visit rather than searching endlessly through museums which are not in fact of interest at all.

Being able to narrow down 19 museums and a zoo to only a couple can be a bit daunting to think about, but with this app it can be easily achievable. Not to mention the app will let you have a bit more of an understanding as to the overall themes and any special events held which might make your journey a bit more time consuming.

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