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Oronoco FREE Camping (VIRGINIA)

I was recommended this spot by a fellow Youtube travel blogger which also focuses on budget friendly camping.

They do car camping in a midsize truck and can sometimes get to places I cannot, but I went ahead and tried this one out and I was NOT disappointed.

The road out to this location is a little bumpy in places but traveling in my small car I just drove slowly in some areas and it was no big deal. The site is used often by hunters in National Forest so seasonally it can get pretty busy, but when I was traveling through it was before the season kicked off so I had only one neighbor and tons of beautiful deer to look at along the way.

When I arrived the area seemed pretty spacious and though it had a lot of trees around the spaces themselves were cleared enough that an RV could easily navigate into the bounds without issue. The campground itself is pretty primitive, pit toilets and nothing more. There are some fire rings built by stones found around camp but not all the areas have them so you might be stuck looking for more stones if you are here on a more busy weekday or weekend.

I set up on a little cove not far from the restroom area and had a few small downed limbs to move which I ended up using as firewood. Since there were no picnic tables my small gas grill wasn't in the ideal location for my liking on the dry ground so I opted to instead use the campfire to prepare my food, which made me feel a bit safer considering.

At night because there were only two campers it was dark early and eerily quiet. I could hear everything around me which after I really got comfortable was quite peaceful with the water in the distance, the tress blowing in the wind and owls.

The next morning a sprinkle of leaves falling were everywhere and damp just showcasing that fall in this area was indeed coming soon. I can only imagine the vibrant colors as it nears taking over more and more in this wooded area. It could be quite beautiful especially near the falls area, which was one of my favorite things about this location.

Overall this campground receives 3 of 5 Bunnies. It is a quiet campground for dry camping however its lack of tables makes it a bit harder to use your grill without more preparation. The distance from stores and other locations makes it perfect for dry camping, however this camp would probably not be for everyone since it is removed and not well patrolled.


  • On the kiosk as you enter camp there are a lot of pieces of information about the area and the regulations, I would recommend checking that out before settling in. Especially as hunting season nears there are things you will want to know before roaming around.

  • Bring everything with you there are no stores in the area and no tables to set up at your camp so you will need literally EVERYTHING.

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