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Putting More FUNDS In Your Fun By Finding Cheap Flights When Traveling

When it comes to travel you don't have to always break the bank trying to find a flight. If you know a few booking hacks you can find flights for pennies on the dollar and save your funds for your fun instead.

Tips & Tricks For Booking Cheap Flights

  • Book Early - While this one seems like a no brainer, if you book in advance most of the time you can reserve a cheaper rate when traveling. Of all the things you can do last minute, this is not one of them you should consider waiting to do. Flights without connections usually are less expensive when booked weeks in advance. As you get closer to your date of departure, you are more likely to find flights with connections at a lesser rate. These flights are rewarding for those passengers being a bit more flexible with their schedule but can be a hassle to those needing to stick to a schedule.

  • Compare! Compare! Compare! - If you can be flexible, another option is looking a bit deeper into departure dates. You will find that a late flight on a Thursday can save you big bucks in comparison to a flight early Friday morning. Those willing to change their initial expectation of departure can save hundreds by simply allowing a few hours of difference in their departure. Might be worth the hassle of having to pack a little less last minute if you can save big!

  • Book On A Tuesday - Travelers worldwide have reported their largest savings come from booking their flights around midnight on Tuesdays. There is a reason for this regarding the daily updates an airline performs and because of this discrepancy those wanting to cash in on big savings are able to save anywhere between 6 and 10% on average with some savings exceeding 30%.

  • Become A Rewards Member - Many airlines offer rewards to those which fly frequently or utilize their sponsored credit cards. While these are both ways to save long term there are also individual clubs which are offered by many airlines for discounted rates. To find these you won't be able to use that mass search engine which compares flight rates, instead log onto the airline website directly for complete information on these.

Follow these quick tips and you could save big preparing for your upcoming trip. Who wants to pay more for the exact same ticket when you can instead save and put more FUNDS in your FUN.

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