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Cheap Drinks In Las Vegas

We all come to Vegas wanting to see the lights, hear the sounds, possibly catch a show or a club or maybe even strike it rich, however while in Vegas you don't always have to be a high roller to have fun. In fact finding the deals can be half the fun in the city which doesn't often waiver in prices because simply they know they do not have to.

But where in this city that never sleeps can you get a little price break when it comes to your booze?? Simple, "The Five O'Clock Somewhere Bar", located at Margaritaville between 5 and 6 p.m. daily you can pull up with tunes and fellow pre-gamers for 5 cent beers.

Yep, 5 cent beers!

No where in Vegas will you find a drink cheaper without first having to put some money in the machines.

Speaking of which, if you happen to be in need of a drink just in passing, throw a little money into one of the machines, typically craps or poker machines tend to get service before slots. A server will come to your rescue for something a bit harder than a beer, but you do have to actively be playing first. My tip if you do this is play the minimums til you get your drink then move on after being served unless you are winning.

So be it a beer or a drink, you have options, while the machines might not produce your drink results with as minimal of a cost, if is the best and quickest way to not pay full price (depending on casino typically between $11-18 per drink)

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