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How Camping Can Actually Improve Your Health

We all have heard there is nothing like the great outdoors for clearing the mind. But did you know that a trip to the great outdoors can actually improve your overall health as well as your mental state?

A quick reset in nature can lower your stress levels profoundly. It has been studied and proven that getting out to green spaces can lower anxiety by up to 70%. For those which struggle with depression it can provide a much needed break from stressors and create clarity through solitude.

In conjunction with this, if you happen to find an outdoor space featuring water, the sounds of gentle waves has been proven to creating a near euphoric relation for those which struggle otherwise finding these.

Time outdoors allows for exposure to sunlight as opposed to fluorescent lighting which stimulates the body through Vitamin D. Overall benefits of this vitamin include strengthening of bones and teeth and absorption of different minerals in the overall system.

Camping creates a wonderful outlet for exercise. Through hiking, walks around the campsite, biking and in some cases kayaking or boating you will find many options which will improve your overall quality of life and quench. your body's desire for physical activity.

Top this exercise off with fresh air outdoors and you have a perfect stimuli for lowering blood pressure and boosting your immune system.

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