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Super Bowl Travel Hacks: What You Need To Know When Flying To Atlanta

For those last minute sports fans who were not sure if their team was going to be making it to be big show this year in Atlanta, it might be down to the wire with finding deals online, but there are a few things you should know which can save you big when preparing for this big game, February 3rd.

Book Flights On Tuesday

With few Tuesdays remaining that means next Tuesday (January 22, 2019) you will be wanting to get up early and trying to hit the remaining wild card seats. Airlines often discount tickets on Tuesdays as a part of there online rollout to all of their third party sites and you will start seeing this as early as open of business of this date. Limited tickets will be available with such a short timeframe, so you will. want to act quickly and not hesitate waiting on additional price drops.

Arrive Early At Airports

With recent TSA issues of absent workers in the face of the shutdown, some airports are starting to experience lengthy delays. What good will that ticket which took so much work to find do if you end up missing the flight? While normally you can arrive an hour early, at some airports lines are now in excess of 2 hours, so arrive early and worst case scenario you end up having a nice nap at the terminal.

Consider The Rule Of 2

When attempting to book flights for the big event, look at the two days before and after the big day. Those flying in might want to only consider flying in on Saturday but if you look to come in as early as Thursday, you are more likely to find a flight as flights start selling out. The same will apply for flying out. Flights will lower in price on Tuesday for leaving the city, so if you can stay a couple extra days try to do so.

Online Checkin & Valet Bag Check

Many airlines are urging during the Super Bowl's increased traffic to checkin online, especially when leaving Atlanta. Something as easy as a click on the phone can save up to 30 minutes at the airport and make for a much more enjoyable travel option. In addition, it is suggested to utilize the valet bag check when available to free up time inside the terminal where lines can be increasingly lengthy.

Carry-On Only

If you are capable of packing for an entire weekend with a single bag, you can save large amounts of time and difficulty when flying for this busy weekend. Check your airline requirements for definition of what they consider a carry on and the criteria for being able to carry on (some airlines do charge for this service). Simply eliminating your extra baggage spares you bag check or valet as well as having to wait for baggage roll around the baggage claim which can be a disaster during busy flights.

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