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Trade Toothpaste For Candy When Traveling

One company’s unique outlook on keeping teeth clean is bringing a new concept to packing when traveling. In a world where we often are delegated to packaging 3 oz or less, it can make it a bit tough to find those perfect items for your overnight bag, your toiletries or even your long term travel bag. But maybe we have all been looking at this the wrong way…

Instead of packing toothpaste what if we took candy??

Candy has traditionally been associated with poor dental hygiene, but what if it wasn’t??

A few years back a girl named Alina Morse pondered the question, “Why can’t we make a lollipop that is good for your teeth?” And from her desire to have candy more often the concept of Zollipops was realized. Considered now to be a healthy candy the concept has caught on like wildfire for parents who want their children to be able to enjoy candy without the cavities.

But what about us adults?? We love candy too!!

The concept behind the candy might seem simplistic enough but the science skyrockets this into a realm which intrigues us in the slightly older market. Could this really be a solution to brushing our teeth??

While I wouldn’t rely exclusively on the candy, it could help with getting in those extra daily brushes we so often forget to make time for around lunch and snacks. The active ingredients stop the optimization of cavity building germs following a meal and reduce the acidity to regulate our pH. This leaves your teeth feeling more clean and much less like a film is developing on the outer enamel.

So how can this help us when we are traveling??

Well if you are in traveling by plane, instead of packing a big toothpaste and worrying about it being confiscated at the checkpoint for being to large, you can stow the larger toothpaste in your check bag or even not worry about it til you arrive at your destination.

In between you can have a Zollipop, because candy isn’t something which gets confiscated at the TSA.

If you are hiking and are worried about spitting your regular toothpaste into nature and contaminating it because of fluoride or other items used in your paste. Try a Zollipop instead and simply remember to trash out with your stick when you have completed your candy.

Or what about the average person who is not on the road and wants to simply freshen up after a lunch break or while on a date to keep that kissable fresh feeling?? Zollipops can work for you as well, keeping your mouth clean without having to find a clever way to conceal a toothbrush and sneak away to the restroom where more than likely you will get a few awkward stares.

Candy for your teeth! Who would have thought!!

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