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How To Extend The Life Of Your Cell Phone Battery On The Road: Reviewing An iPhone 7 Plus Case Tha

There is simply nothing more discouraging when traveling than wanting to take that awesome picture or capture the surroundings only to instead receive the deadly “Battery 20%” warning. It seems like from this point to the 10% warning is simply no time and then you are experiencing a full power down. Even worse, is if you happen to be using your phone for directions and cannot charge it only to have it die as your GPS ping continually works your phone down at a rapid pace.

I have invested in battery banks and while they do work, the extra gear, even though small is clunky and can add additional weight to your day pack or hiking pack. When traveling in urban areas you have a cord which drapes out and calls to attention that you are carrying electronics if you are charging and using simultaneously and this can place you in danger by those preying upon tourists.

Fact is I was pretty stumped as to what I needed to be doing differently and if I needed to scale back on content produced by m phone all together. But just as I was about to throw my hands up and walk away in confusion I discoed battery pack cases for your phone.

I gave the company Zohmo a shot to see if it could stand up to my needs and help me bring home the content I needed while also keeping my phone charged for all of my adventures as I hit the road. The case, though slightly more bulky than my typical I-Phone 7 Plus case was no larger than a Otter Box would be on the phone. I could still easily pocket the phone for storage in my back pocket when not in use, and the case itself was pretty sturdy for throwing it into my travel bag.

But how would it hold up to my on and off non-stop videos and photos in addition to using my GPS for hours on end?

As I took to the road for a road trip to New Mexico, it was really put to the test. I charged both the phone and the case fully before leaving (both charge with the same lightning port so I didn’t have to invest in any additional cords from my typical use). I briefly read the instructions for placing the case on the phone and with very little effort I was on my way.

GPS began a couple hours into my 7 hour trip, just beyond my comfort zone of leaving Texas. I was soon arriving at my first of 2 stops just before departing from Amarillo and video and photos began. Usually when I start shooting content, because I have over 5,000 images and videos already on my phone and often forget to close apps, my typical battery lasts about 3 hours tops. I was starting to wain on warning of regular battery just after crossing into New Mexico.

I pushed the button for my Zohmo case with about 4 hours to go on my drive and it quickly brought my battery back to full strength over the next 30-40 minutes of driving, even while appealing the GPS.

Could I have just used my in car charger? Sure, but if I had I wouldn’t have felt as confident taking the new case into my adventures over the next few days. This test cemented just how much value the case brought to me and how it could in fact be trusted.

Over the next couple of days I adventured everywhere in the state, shot over 500 video clips for future content, captured about 200 photos and used GPS and other apps everywhere I went. In low signal areas where GPS really strains your battery, I stood confident that no matter what I would be ok in various weather conditions knowing that I would have enough juice to call out in case of an emergency, check weather on my phone and use key apps for my travels.

At night I would charge the case to make sure it was at full strength but never did I ever fully exhaust it on my travels. I was able to charge my phone fully about 2 1/2 times on the battery.

Never was I more grateful to have found the device than when a storm blew through southern New Mexico as I topped Cloudcroft, a small town isolated from the world as it sits high atop a mountain at 8,000 feet. Weather had indicated slight rains, but these rains turned into a blizzard which swept through the area forcing me to stop off at a small motel. As the storm raged, the power eventually failed and while I could have been devastated, instead I was confident as I was able to still have access to my basic needs through a charged phone thanks to the Zohmo case.

Some might not consider a phone case to be a necessary part of their travel gear, but after discovering the Zohmo i-Phone 7 Z Series Battery Case, I cannot image traveling without it!







How can Zohmo enhance your travel? Check them out:

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