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Travel Tips: The Do's And Don'ts Of Hotel Tipping

When we travel it is often confusing as to what areas of service fall under the umbrella of service industry tipping. In some countries it is considered to be an insult to do so while in others it is an expectation. Some places build in gratuity while others are open to the charitable nature of the patrons.

One industry which has always been a bit of a question has been the hotel industry. And while it does vary from country to country and I do advise always to read about country expectations for service before traveling, in most locations tipping is highly recommended in this area of service.

Of course, when traveling to various accommodations some of these areas are more prevalent than others. For example, high end hotels for more of a luxury style travel might offer valet services where as a small boutique hotel or motel might have self parking only. However consistency amongst services such as housekeeping and room service often apply to most forms of accommodation.


Keep in mind for additional services which might be offered such as in hotel dining, bar service or activity if there is a person involved you might want to consider tipping. Pool services are often forgotten for towel delivery or beverages however they too are a portion of the service industry and thus taking care of these hard workers will make your trip even more enjoyable.

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