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3 Summer Travel Looks Under $40: Target Style Haul

With flowing fabric and bold prints, summer is one of my favorite seasons for travel. While in winter months I do love a good layered look, I notice that unless I am making my way to a destination where I will be going out and really experiencing a community I often find myself in athletic wear taking to more activity based travel. But during summer we roll out the swimwear, sundresses and pantsuits which can be perfect for many destinations and occasions. I love the colors of Summer!!

Summer is a unique season where you can pull out all the stops and really express yourself in a bold way filled with vibrance. Summer is the perfect time to find that color you might not dare wear throughout the year and throw it into the mix. Summer can be a long dress or a short pair of shorts and be both stylish and comfortable just the same.

We all have our things we love and hate about our bodies and while we many times hide them in winter months all together under unflattering layers, summer is the time to really help ourselves shine!! We can own our unique look and embrace our skin in a new way during this time and because of that there are so many styles which are just waiting to be explored.

Sure you can get caught up seeing just one side of the fashion spectrum and think that a universal look is the only thing appealing when you look on the suggested retail racks, but when you dive a bit deeper into who you truly are you can find things which truly are magical during summer months!

Finding your personal style doesn’t always have to break the bank. There are many affordable options available at retailers such as Target which fit into the budget category with great pay off on price points and style.

Look 1: Rust Orange Pants Romper

This Look by A New Day

Sold at Target

Terracotta and Rust are very popular colors this season as a staple for solids. It has been noted by the fashion elite that these colors play well with blue tones and also can be paired with very utilitarian accessories to give a casual chic feel.

This look is very nice for casual, professional or evening wear. The material does require fluffing or ironing.

This pants romper retailed for just over $30 off rack and was paired with a bargain find belt from a local thrift store which was $2 to create a very chic look for a summer night out. Featured in the color Rust the look is 100% polyester. The design of the suit itself is very versatile and can easily move from a more relaxed feel to something quite sophisticated simply by changing your accessories.

I think one of the things I personally like most about the Rust coloration is it can exude summer with its warm tones and be a piece which can transition into fall with the use of darker accessories and more beige or black tones.

This can be an item which can be an investment for casual travel but can hold up to the change of season and could make a debut throughout the year with each wear looking vastly different with styling choices. Gold tones go nicely with the look but I also noticed that styling with a dark brown or black belt and differing jewelry really added value. By blousing the material at the top you can create a unique silhouette instead of wearing it more loosely and this can help emphasize or hide your body in a flattering way which you feel most comfortable.

Look 2: Black Embroidered Mexican Style Dress

This Look by Who What Wear

Sold At Target

The traditional Mexican Style Peasant Dress is something which many retailers have done time and time again. While many adorn bright patterns and colors this dress found at Target uses the traditional style but details using a monotone black embroidered patterning which is delicate and beautiful. Retailing on rack for around $30 this long flowing look is something which can be dressed for many occasions.

The detail work on the top of this dress as well as the flutter cap sleeve is beautiful and inspired me to wear this without jewelry. As a variation I might add a simple brown or colorful belt to cinch the waist line a bit.

I personally enjoyed pairing it with a large brim fedora from the Time and Tru brand, available at WalMart for less than $10. This was a perfect look for exploring a local farmers market, feeling pretty on a summer outing or casually wearing for an evening out. I enjoyed the casualness of the fabric which does not have to be ironed, making this a perfect outfit for taking in my luggage when traveling.

Known as an informal and eclectic style which is expressive of culture this timeless style of dress has been circulating fashion for decades. An investment in a piece like this is something which will withstand the test of time and can remain a summer staple for years to come. This style is suited for all body types and can be seen walking fashion runways or at your local corner market which is why truly it continues to hold appeal in all social realms.

Though the original retailer for this look was Target, this style of dress can be found at stores around the country as well as online in several price points. The key is finding the length which you feel most comfortable and the color itself which you find timeless.

Look 3: Floral A Line Maxi Dress

This Look by Xhilaration

Sold At Target

The maxi style dress is a style that has true staying power within the style community. Spring and summer year after year there is a version of the popular style which rolls is way off the runway and onto the racks of stores world wide. With prints and colors varying seasonally the overall staying power of the silhouette itself is astounding.

This particular look is one which can be found at Target in a variety of color variations ranging from $20 to $30 off rack. The detailing on this dress does set it apart from others with the side ties which allow you to modify the fit of the garment slightly and allow for a bit more flexibility in the fit. The powder blue floral outer material of the garment is 100% Rayon which allows it to flow comfortably and does not require ironing while its inner shell is 100% polyester which allows comfort and also coverage.

I love the tone of the powder blue on my skin tone which is fair to medium. My undertone is peach and the blue is very complimentary, however on mid range to darker tones this color really stands out as well. Overall I would say this color is ideal for everyone and based on how you style this look it can be very casual or quite chic.

This season has been scattered with variations of the maxi dress with popular styles being the a-line and the v-neck. Prints are reigning supreme within maxi’s this season with floral topping the list of some of the most coveted styles of 2019.

I found this dress to be so loose and comfortable on a hot day which would make it great for a beach destination or a daily wear for your every day life. The length is quite long which is something very appealing for the overall look.

For styling this garment for your own taste there are so many options available including adding a small belt to cinch the waistline if you do wish it to be a little less free flowing for a more sophisticated look. Accessories truly can bring this look to life in so many ways including adding hats, different styles of sandals or even through various jewelry. Additionally if you would be interested in transitioning this into a look for spring of next year you could easily do this with a light cardigan.


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