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4 Reasons Why You Should Always Pack A Hat When You Travel

Packing can always be the spot of most thought when traveling. We often find ourselves lost in the details of finding the middle ground between fashion and function and start spinning out of control overthinking.

What do we often forget however? A hat!

You might not consider this to be one of the key items you need to throw in your overnight bag, but you also might be surprised as to why it should be. A cap is much more than just a way to conceal not wanting to do your hair for the day. Instead it can create numerous health benefits which can enrich your travels vastly!

1 - Helps Regulate Your Body Temperature

Did you know that approximately 70% of your body heat escapes from your head? It is important, especially during winter months to always wear a hat to keep your body temperatures regulated, adversely however in summer months when we tend to be much warmer we can actually wear a hat and it create a cooling effect through sweat production.

Either way, your temperature is very important factor to regulate. Overexposure to both heat and cold can be dangerous so taking steps to ensure your safety should be a priority at all times, but especially when traveling the your might have limited access to being near other people you are familiar with.

2 - Protects Your Scalp & Hair From The Elements

When it comes to the beauty side of things, a cap can help you maintain your lovely locks.

How?? Covering your roots allows them to thrive as opposed to being damaged by excessive wind and sunlight. For color treated hair a cap can save your color and allow it to thrive when traveling.

A cap can be your best friend at the beach as it can limit the sand exposure which can create dry scalp. On a hike it can protect your from a variety of elements which can tangle your locks and create breakage or dry your hair at the root. A cap can help maintain natural oils near the scalp which can allow your hair to continue to thrive during all activities.

3 - Prevents Sunburn

It is amazing how our bodies require vitamin D sourced from the sun, however the same sun can be so harsh as to cause sunburn. Our hairline is one of the more sensitive zones on our body and because of our sensitives in this area we can quickly experience over exposure when outdoors.

Over 65 percent of adults and children reported experiencing sunburn over the past 5 years. That is over 4 billion people on the planet!! (CRAZY!!!)

Sunburn can cause a variety of issue well beyond the redness and discomfort. It can take on symptoms which resemble the flu including chills and fevers. The worst thing about a sunburn however is, much like a regular burn it can cause blisters which can quickly escalate from typical symptoms into a variety of other much more dangerous issues.

A hat can spare your head from this pain and lengthy recovery leaving you to only need worry about how to safeguard other exposed portions of your body, many times which, though sensitive, can more easily be medicated for prevention.

4 - Protects Your Eyes From The Sun

If you are like me, my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. It can be a cloudy day or a bright day of full sun and my eyes feel like they are screaming. For this reason I find myself always in a cap when outdoors many times in addition to sunglasses.

Now I realize not everyone is quite as sensitive as I am, however over time we all develop more and more sensitivity to harsh light and with this we start to see a decline in our night vision in addition to blurring of visioning also in some extreme cases cataracts.

A cap is key for prevention of some of these issues over time because it can be fitted unlike sunglasses for activity to restrict movement and provide a more consistent shade for the eyes.

Additionally when you are participating in activities ranging from simple walks outdoors to high impact sports it can be worn anytime that there is no requirement for a helmet.

Is it casual looking… sure! But when traveling no matter the style we can have casual fab, fit or just fun and a cap fits into each of those categories. Caps can be stylish, boast brand advertisement or have messages expressive of your personality. They are light weight, easy to stow or travel with and most importantly they are designed to protect you and make your travels much more enjoyable!!

So now when you are packing, what caps will make it into your bag or onto your head? You won’t look at packing the same going forward!!


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