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Basic Silhouette & Basic Black But NOT Your Basic Jumpsuit: How Key Pieces Help You Plan & Expand

Knowing how to invest in a few key pieces is an important part of planning your wardrobe for not only travel but day to day. I have found that by adding a few pieces which have versatility I can create several different looks for a series of various occasions.

One of my tips is always creating a basic silhouette which you can play with and dress up or down accordingly. I find that for myself when creating this basic look I start with black. Black is not only flattering on the body it is also easy to mix and match to create a variety of unique looks by simply interchanging key pieces.

Sometimes investing in versatility really can make all the difference as you find that moving from day to night can happen much more seamlessly. Not to mention when packing for travels you can get more wear with fewer items.

The Black Jumpsuit

I am a massive fan of the jumper or jumpsuit option in your wardrobe. A long time staple in my closet I have several variations of this style just waiting to be mixed and matched with other items. I often play in layers, jewelry, shoes and make up varations to jazz up my styles and give them that little extra punch I need to take them from basic to show stopping.

For this look I encourage you to find a jumpsuit which allows you freedom of movement and layering. Finding a perfect fit is important for comfort and creating more looks with fewer items.

While I do have several suits which are more bodysuit style jumpsuits, I really wanted to focus on the ability to take something a bit more elevated and elegant and intertwine it into my casual life as well as my professional life. It is important to be able to look classy and casual sometimes on the same trip.

I found this jumpsuit from eShakti to be perfect for creating a unique day look and an equally unique look for evening. The brand itself is one that is very user friendly with customization being able to be done to many of the garments to suit the person which will be wearing them. For example, the jumpsuit I selected, allowed customization of the sleeve length, sizing, cut of the top and even if I wanted or did not want pockets.

This jumpsuit is perfect for transitioning from day to evening but also from season to season as the material is a lighter weight cotton material which can breath well. The flowing almost bell like trouser bottom is comfortable and allows you to move freely instead of being restrained and uncomfortable. The sleeves are slightly gathered to allow for a full sleeve appearance or one which can easily maintain position if pushed up to 3/4 length.

By purchasing a more detailed jumpsuit like this one, which has a waist that creates an illusion of a belt already, you will want to look for ways to transition the piece without covering the unique detail.

My suggestions for more intricate designs like this one are to look at kimono style tops to add a layer, this also allows the jumpsuit itself to give the illusion of a more slender waist. I don't know a woman one who doesn't have the desire to slenderize her waist and look as though she has a few naturally flattering curves. The waist detail hits in just the perfect location and paired with the pleat front is a very forgiving style for the body as it allows the pleats to flatter the hip.

A kimono adds a pop of color and a little bit of drama. It can be worn in a very classic or casual way depending on the need. I have found that a flowing kimono in a bold print can make the look a bit more playful while something more dramatic can make the look more elegant.

Jewelry selection can also play a big part in how your look can transition. Keeping it basic with pearls for an office event, diamonds for an elegant evening out, hoops for a fun more contemporary and young look or a pop of color like the one shown here can each change the look and feel of the jumpsuit. The beauty of black is that it serves as a bare canvas for you to work with and create your own vibe.

Additionally I like to play up the features of this jumpsuit by changing the shoes I wear. During the day I like to create a more casual look with sandals and perhaps a large sunhat while at night I can easily switch it up with a bold statement heel and create a bit of mystery.

As you can see when worn casually solo the jumper does look longer in the leg and more relaxed. However by simply adding a gold heel and a small handbag with a gold detail it allows the jumpsuit to fully shine as a look for any occasion. With the length of the pant you can get away with a pretty substantial heel without looking like you are wearing a short pant which really creates an illusion of a more statuesque leg. I love this because I can easily pull out a 6 inch platform and stand tall to create a bold statement of a strong powerful looking woman when I enter a room.

This is an ideal look for a date, creating a captivating moment at a formal event or even attending a wedding. I like that the versatility of the look is suitable for any style and shape which allows you to mix and match your pieces you already have with this staple and make magic.


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