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Beach And Pool Summer Fashions Suited For Your Travel Style

Summer is rapidly approaching and we are all looking for more ways to integrate our swimwear into our attire for upcoming travels. Everyone wants to be fun and fashionable but also have the comfort and ease of being effortlessly prepared for adventure on their travels.

Being able to transition to and from the pool or beach and into your daily activities is a hot topic for sure, but what fashions offer us the best options for our needs??

Loose breathable coverup by Icing is the perfect beach or pool item for transitioning to and from the car or into some boardwalk shopping. I wore this set in Corpus Christi when I wanted to visit the National Seashore Visitor Center and wanted a little more coverage for the very tourist rich area but then wanted a quick removal for the beach.

Swimwear Coverup

Coverups to some are considered a great option for hiding those little bumps and dents we don’t like to expose. To others they are used as a more acceptable way to travel from the car to the water. To others even coverups can offer a fashionable way to transition from beach or poolside into boardwalk shopping.

I love this look for Miami where South Beach is more of a party scene. While it is not for the faint of heart, I found it to be a fun way to walk from parking a few blocks from the beach to the beach itself then also to explore the very trendy boutiques and beachside restaurants.

Coverups come in many shapes and styles. Some offer full coverage and are more lengthy while others can be short and the bare minimum. I have tried pretty much every style of cover up over the years and found there is a time and place for each and every one of them.

Two of the most popular styles are the flowing sheer full body coverage options and the netted more skin contouring versions.

The advantage of a full body coverage cover up is that it can be seen as acceptable form of beach or pool attire but can also become something suited for those stops along the way without having any looks from those around. With sheer and breathable material and fun patterns and prints you can appear stylish or on trend without having to worry about taking off multiple layers when you arrive at your destination. These also have the ability to dry rapidly when you do put them back on after indulging in the water.

Netted versions are not for everyone, they are much more revealing and though you can find short and longer versions, typically these versions are meant to accentuate your curves. For this reason a lot of people have in recent years turned this popular version of swimwear coverup into club wear. However, if you aren’t looking for a bold statement I would probably stray away.

The middle ground between the two styles can also be acquired in the swimwear section of most retailers. Loose fitting netted style coverups have become increasingly more and more popular. Offering breathable and comfortable non-formfitting style, these offer a little bit of comfort with the cut but the intrigue produced by the visibility of the netted styles.

This is a great pool party look for those wanting to be a bit more conservative. I personally like to wear a bikini top with my palazzo pants. I love that the pants have a lot of movement and can breathe while being able to be dressed more up or down with only a shoe change.

Palazzo Pants

A personal favorite of mine is a good pair of palazzo pants which can be worn with just about any kind of swimwear and yet quickly removed should you decide you want to get in and out of the water.

I found that these have a lot of benefits when attending pool parties. I love that they give you a style and look without having to be overdressed. You can easily pair them with wedges for a pool party or sandals alike and look like you are on trend while also being covered to a level of comfort.

I like to wear these with bikini tops typically due to the high waist, however they are also great for a one piece look and fit just as comfortably.

Needing a little more modesty or coverage for going into a store or transitioning from Sunday Funday into a dinner straight out of the pool? You can add a kimono top to this look and you now have a look which took little effort to transition.


This is a great example of how you can turn a bathing suit into a look with some shorts and a circle cardigan. Adding heels and a nice pocket book can turn your beach look into a fun night out without a lot of effort.

Denim Shorts

Not a fan of pants but want something which can transition?? I like the look of a good pair of denim shorts with a bathing suit. It is amazing how one pair of shorts can transition a look!

If going to the beach or a pool these can be a perfect fit. Then much like the pants above, by simply adding a kimono or changing shoes you can easily be on your way to your next destination. And one of the biggest bonuses to denim shorts is the ability to set your own style based on the length and cut of the shorts. If you are wanting something with rips and tears you can easily find these, shorter or longer lengths in addition to a variety of colors of denim.

The shorts look is great if you want to have the option of the water without being fully committed. Sometimes when you arrive to a location you might not be as sold on getting in the water, you might not be comfortable being fully exposed or you might just opt to do activities instead of being in the water, demin shorts are the perfect solution to these issues.

One downfall of denim shorts however, when you do opt to get wet they will retain all the water from your bathing suit bottoms, so it is almost necessary to allow yourself drying time before putting them on unless you don’t mind the sloshing feeling.


Summer is made to be bold and neons are still very much on trend. I love that this top by Victoria Secret can be worn with the neck strap or without to provide two very different looks. When being active it is nice to have the strap for stability but when enjoying fun in the sun I like to take this one off to not get tan lines. Complimented by some inexpensive leggings with a bold print I can wear sneakers or sandals to finish the look.


Now I will start off by saying, this is not a get in and out of the water look! I would never recommend getting out into the water then trying to squeeze back into these, that would just be problematic.

With that being said leggings can be the perfect compliment to beach style activities such as roller blading or biking along the boardwalks. When visiting places with a lot of activities being able to have maneuverability is important and a good pair of breathable leggings can make all the difference in the world.

But if you really want to have that beach vibe, instead of pairing your leggings with a t-shirt which does not breath as much or doesn’t allow you to soak in some of the sun, try pairing it with your favorite bikini top to add a great summery beach vibe but still have function in your wardrobe.


Have a bit more revealing of a bikini this season? A romper is the perfect way to hide just enough when getting to and from the water but then have the big reveal. This romper by Volcom is amazing for a beach day, light weight breathable material is quick drying and offers just enough coverage of my booty to not feel like I am fully exposed.


Rompers are something you see everywhere throughout summer. While a lot of people protest that they are not easy to get on and off and might not be a good suit for swimwear coverup, I must protest and say have you felt how comfortable they really are??

Certain materials, yes they are not ideal, but others are excellent for beach and pool attire. I would recommend breathable materials for your beach looks. You want something which is easy to remove and at the same time can allow you some sense of style. Simplicity can be best when it comes to your romper, the less buttons or tassels you have more than likely the more easily maneuvered it will be.

I like to pair a cute romper with a bathing suit and sandals for a beach day or if I am going to a pool party maybe a pair of heels with a lot of personality to really bring up the level of excitement of the basic piece. This can also allow me to have the option to wear the romper both casually and socially.


Forever 21 has always been my favorite source of Maxi skirts, they have them usually in every color under the sun and for every shape and size. I love to take a basic skirt and pair it with a fun printed bikini to add contrast and really make the focus of the top pop!

Maxi Skirts

When on a beach vacation you want something to flow and give you something really elegant with a more detailed bikini top? Look no further than the maxi skirt for your destination style travel.

When I found this suit at Target for under $20 I was so in shock because it was so detailed from the sequins to the shells. it was perfect for creating an illusion on the top. I paired it with this Maxi Skirt From Forever 21 with side vents for a great summer look and often have found that this skirt is one of my favorites for tying up in the front and crating a look.

Much like the Palazzo pant, you can easily dress a maxi skirt for your needs with sandals or wedges, you can add a kimono to provide coverage or simply have your bathing suit shine through as your top.

I personally like to try to share my more detailed tops off with a basic colored maxi skirt or a basic top with a patterned maxi skirt. The variety of styles of a maxi can be just as vast as the swimwear itself so you can easily find styles which vibe with your personal aesthetic and your desires to appear more bold or more conservative.

You can’t really go wrong with these long flowing skirts!

Options for your skirt can include side vents or slits in addition to a variety of rises in the waist. If you cannot find the rise you are looking for a quick top is tying the skirt at the bottom to shorten it or rolling the waist to show off a bit more or less much like a workout pant.


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