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Best Days To Book A Hotel

Have you ever sat back and wondered if there was a specific day or time you could book to save on hotels? It is a common knowledge amongst travelers that you can save big on airlines when booking on certain days, but many draw a blank on if this trip also applies to hotel stay. There is so much mystery and question however there really does not have to be.

The simple answer is YES!

Yes you can save big by booking on certain days! Yes there are specific times which help you trim the fat off of luxury hotel stay! YES YES YES!!

The best place to start is by determining when you will be traveling. If possible it is recommended that you look 3-4 weeks in advance of your stay, this is when you will find the optimum prices for your accommodations. Now many of us start off well before this, but experts say that this is the sweet spot for travel and booking at this time will guarantee your prices are the most discounted.

What happens when we book further in advance?? Often times when booking more than a month in advance you are given the base rate for stay because hotels do not lock in discounts until they can gauge the market. Sure you are guaranteed that room, but more than likely you will pay anywhere between $5 and $30 more for the exact same room on average. And sometimes this can escalate even further.

The cheapest day to book a hotel is Friday or Saturday. Keep in mind this is the date of the booking not the date of the stay. Weekends always have a higher price point even when discounted. On the flip side of the coin, the most expensive day to book a hotel is Tuesday.

For all of you who know the rule of airlines, Tuesday is the recommended day for booking a flight. So if you are trying to knock out an entire trip of bookings with hotel and flight you will not be getting the best deal booking these things together on a single day. This might seem like an additional step, especially considering many online booking services can bundle your flight and accommodation and it appear to be a deep discount. But look beyond the options they have and see if you can do each separately and score more savings.

When considering your trip if you can possibly arrange your schedule to check in on a Sunday you will be given a hefty discount from regular prices as this is the least expensive check-in date of the week versus themes expensive on Friday. Check-out matters as well on price points when booking as you can often save big if checking out on a Friday. Sunday check-out is the highest price point.

By simply thinking in advance and trying to book on a Friday or Saturday for your plans 3-4 weeks in advance you will find much more savings which you can then convert into adventure funds as opposed to sinking them into the same room you could have had at a much less expensive rate. Remember when you plan ahead you are often rewarded!!

(Photos featured in this article are a hotel which was booked using many of the tips provided. The area we visited averaged rooms of similar style and fashion in excess of $120 per night, however we secured this room for only $79 a night centrally located within walking distance of many area restaurants.)


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