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Budget Camping At Washington's Early Waters Campground: Great Proximity To Trails

I traveled the Cascade Loop and along the way found many campgrounds which I absolutely loved. Amongst those I found amenities varied as did price points. Early Winters Campground appealed to my budget saving desires when I wanted to find something which was not completely removed and offered some basic amenities.

Camping here was only $12 per night which was very budget friendly. The sites were decently sized but seemed a but less secluded than some locations I had visited along the way. Mostly tent campers were here when I visited, I feel this is in large part due to the smaller pull in areas.

Fees can be paid at a honor box located at the entrance of the campground near the restrooms. Additionally, something to note is those who have the Senior Access pass are eligible for a 50% discount when their pass is displayed clearly on their dash.

There is no water at this campground so keep that in mind when planning a visit.

The basic campsites are equipped with picnic tables and fire rings. They are surrounded by trees and many low laying shrubs which makes for great windbreak on a blustery day.

The biggest benefit I could see to staying at this location was the proximity to the trails which run through the area. Just a short walk from your campsite you can find the Methow Trails which is known primarily for its cross country ski access points but is also great for hiking during the warmer months. In some areas you can also do mountain biking on the trails, however there are signs posted as to where this is or is not approved.


  • If you are wanting to stay here there is no reservation system, keep this in mind during peak season and arrive early to secure your camping location.

  • If you are a person who travels with your horses you will not be able to stay at this location. Horses are prohibited.

  • Bring everything you will need to this campground as there are not any services at the site. This includes firewood, come prepared!!


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