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Diggers Dungeon

If you are ever in North Carolina a stop at Digger’s Dungeon is one you might find of interest. Driving down the roadway you will find beautiful sprawling landscape only a few short miles from the coast, and then seeming to creep from out of the blue - BAM- Digger’s Dungeon.

The daunting name is enough to turn your heads, but if that doesn’t work then perhaps the massive Monster Trucks lining the highway will do the trick. The Poplar Branch location is one of the least expected finds you might stumble upon, but a stop here will reward you handsomely with not only some epic travel photos to remember the day but a potential experience to remember a lifetime.

Digger’s Dungeon is the home of the Grave Digger, one of the most notorious Monster Trucks of all time. Daunting with its cryptic scene depicting all of its victims in victory, the Grave Digger’s panel wagon style body looms over its competitors with a menacing green glow.

Through the years the Grave Digger has taken on many faces and looks, all of which you can spot here at Digger’s Dungeon. Additionally, during business hours you can come take a look inside the shop, meet some of the people which make this Monster of a truck possible, enjoy a bite to eat at Digger’s Diner or even take a trip around the track in one of the Monster Trucks.

Most well known for the time in which Dennis Anderson was at its wheel, the Grave Digger started out as just a lifted truck known as a mud buggy. It’s name was popularized when it was said that they were going to take the truck and dig your grave with it. The name stuck and before long the more commonly known panel wagon came to life to taunt competitors.

Flames, grave stones, spirits and the grim reaper himself were all painted on the vehicle and when it would enter an arena crowds would cheer for the menacing sounds of its theme. Crowds ate it up and still to this date find this to be one of their favorites as it leaps, tumbles and roars over courses while launching pyrotechnics around it and blazing loud music.

Over 20 Grave Diggers have been in existence, due to improvements and constant wear and tear. Now at any given time you can find one for if this Monster touring the US, making stops for fans and entertaining the masses. But it is here at Digger’s Dungeon that the car has its opportunity to shine in a unique way side by side with its past, present and future.


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