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Finding Comfort In Sleep While Flying

One thing I have learned about travel is no two people are exactly the same when it comes to their routine on a plane. Fact is we all are a little bit different on our preferences, likes or tastes in exactly what it is that we do while spending our time in the air.

Are you one of those people who enjoys putting down your tray table and often working? Do you often find yourself putting in your earbuds and trying to find something on your iPod before the flights even take it off? Are you quick to flip through the in-flight movies? Do you try to recline or are you more of a sitting upright person? Do you often find yourself asleep next to a perfect stranger?

As you can see from these questions there are many options for you when boarding a plane that you might not always consider and might possibly do just simply out of routine.

Myself on a long flight there’s nothing better than just simply going to sleep. It seems to make the time pass faster. Sure I like a good in-flight movie and I have a list of songs on my playlist about the length of my arm but sometimes that awkward moment of getting to know your closest neighbor while awake for hours on end it’s just a little bit too much to handle and turning to sleep is the best alternative.

But if you are like myself there’s no feeling worse then worrying about in your sleep by accident leaning over on your now new stranger friend. Epically I really enjoy sitting by a window for this very reason because it allows me to lean up against something however when

I don’t look into that beautiful window seat what do I do?

I have tried wearing a sweatshirt I’ve tried using a neck pillow but typically those still don’t quite do the trick there’s not enough firm support and sometimes they can be suffocating. But then I was sent something revolutionary that can address all of these issues not only when I’m flying but also when I’m Road tripping!

The TRTL Pillow is a new design which allows freedom of sizing for those using the pillow. Addressing the common issues of finding the right comfort level for firmness near the neck as well as height for perfect rest position the flexible and adjustable design can be customized for each user.

If you are a person who tends to lean back or to the side you can place the pillow in either of these positions then use the adjustable knob to provide more or less support for your comfort. In addition the closure for the pillow itself allows you to create a more loose or tight fit around your neck for securing the device.

If you are a person who tends to find yourself opening your mouth while sleeping upright, you can hide behind the vail of the securing piece which is wide and can be pulled upward for a comfortable fit. The feeling of the material is pleasing, almost like a soft jersey material which is comfortable on the skin and does not get hot over time and usage, making this a great option for longer flights or road trips as well.

Beyond the raw function of the TRTL Pillow, the case is also designed with the traveler in mind. Durable and easy to use without a lot of additional maneuvering this case is large enough to easily store the pillow but small enough to clip onto a personal item bag or carry on for quick mobility pre and post flight. Unlike a lumpy neck pillow which seems to always be awkward in transport and storing this bag creates a more stealthy look to not draw attention and also for storage in a clean and easy way.

I gave this pillow a shot and really was impressed by how comfortable I could be while in the limited spacing of a flight. The product takes very little space so it fit onto my purse and could be accessed easily for time of use after getting comfortable in my seat. When wearing it I was able to wear it comfortably with a sweat shirt pulled over it and still feel like I had a little flexibility of movement without being fully restricted. I was able to cover my mouth and create a very comfortable environment for sleep.

Usually when I depart a flight I will have a bit of tension in my neck from sleeping in a strange and contorted position, however using the pillow for the trial I did not experience any issues with pinching or soreness. I have a short neck so I was a bit concerned about being able to properly fit my neck without feeling suffocated, however after trying a few settings I was able to find a great fit which was best suited for my needs.

The TRTL Pillow is simple in design but has an impact which is far from simplistic. In a world of neck pillows which offer various textures, memory foams and shapes the decision can be difficult and options many, but despite trying many this is the only pillow I have found which truly is customizable for each user and allows comfort as well as support.


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