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Finding Toto: A Kansas Scavenger Hunt Taking You to OZ And Back

If you are a fan of the beloved land of OZ and the many Wizard Of OZ stories, movies and collections, it might be of more than a little interest to know that there is a town in Kansas that has dedicated much time and effort into bring our beloved memories to life. Wamego, Kansas not only is home to the Official Wizard of OZ Museum but also some very interesting Toto’s which will make you want to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Located throughout the town 15 unique statues can be found boasting a variety of fun themes which embody the spirit not only of OZ but of the community for which they reside.

When I visited the community, I had seen numerous videos of the museum (a location which I will cover fully in another blog and video) but never had I seen anyone point out the variety of Toto’s which could be found around town.

They are quite the site to behold I will say and I had I have known a bit more before I would have taken the entire hunt on as well. It was not until I had departed that I discovered just how many there actually were. I had seen a few but there were so many which I had missed.

Don’t be like me… make sure you check them all out!

I now have to plan another trip down the Yellow Brick Road to go on this hunt… oh darn!!

Each of the Toto statues are unique and have been themed by their unique exterior. They each have an artist which created the unique pieces and also an adoptee which has made the project possible. The various adoptees are business owners and individuals located throughout the community which love the whimsy of the project and are typically reflected within the art rendered on each.

With the tag #totosaroundtown you can only imagine that the spectacle of Toto can be quite the fun online project for all those looking for those unique Insta-selfies as well. I could easily say this entire community is one of the more Instragramable locations of the state. Fun and unique, quirky and exciting you won’t be disappointed by the Toto Hunt in Wamego.

Check out this map and full information about all 15 of the Wamego Totos!!

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