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Georgia's Goats On The Roof

There are many novelty stops along the countless roadsides of America. While many are passed by by the masses, one in Georgia is one you might find hard to do so as the bright elevated yellow and red seem to beckon you in and the most infamous residents of small Tiger, beeeeee-g you to come and stay for a while.

Goats On The Roof, has been around for many years and become a popular stop for tourists and residents alike. The country store offers Amish goods, boiled peanuts and more than a few items you might want to take home to commemorate the visit. On property also is a popular cafe and nitro ice cream shop which brings in the masses on a hot summer day.

But well beyond all the things you can buy or pick up the real stars of this roadside stop are the goats themselves. With their own social media page to share the day to day lives of these cute little fur-friends the goats are celebrities in their own right.

Visiting Goats On The Roof you can feed and interact with these exciting critters either by hand or through the use of cleverly designed hoists which allow you to have fun feeding through peddling and cranking food high into the air to the overhead platforms. The goats flock to the feeders and enjoy the treats and bleet away at guests.

Down lower smaller goats are accessible for feeding through the fences and allow you a little closer access to see just how cute these residents of Goats On The Roof really are.

You can easily find this to be a quick roadside stop or a place to sit and enjoy for a while interacting and having a great lunch at one of the covered seating areas around the property.

For those wanting to get a little more interactive they even have a mining area for children to find hidden treasures and get a little cooled off on a hot southern summer day.


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