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Get Topsy Turvy & Hands On With A Museum Day: Science Museum Oklahoma

Summer is a very tricky time of year when it comes to adventure. While in many states weather remains ideal for outdoor exploration, others the full wrath of heat waves press down and make it almost impossibly to safely be outdoors for lengthy periods enjoying all that areas have to offer.

In these instances should your taste for adventure be dampened?? NO!! There are so many things which you can do in your communities which offer great alternatives to the heat and can be great for both young and old alike. You need only take a moment to think outside of the box and find your own way to enjoy these locations.

One of my personal favorite locations to find adventure during the hottest months of the year is in a museum. Museums offer a safe haven for you to escape the elements and have a great time exploring subjects you might have interest in without having to travel very far. The benefit to visiting museums is typically you can find a version of these within most major cities and some in more remote areas as well. You need only come with an open mind and allow yourself to actually enjoy the subjects, get hands on and take your time.

I started really exploring museums as an alternative to outdoor activity while living in Texas. Temperatures here during summer can surpass 100 degrees making for miserable conditions for exploring during the peak hours of the day. Even with proper hydration it just did not seem like a smart option to be hiking remotely or even walking around on the blacktops around the cities.

I remembered some of the locations I had been to when I was a child and really wanted to revisit them as an adult to see if they had anything to offer. Boy!! Did they ever!!

Many museums now create an experience for all those attending. While museums of the past might have been more visual, now museums more and more frequently are turning to hands on exhibits to really get you involved. And by doing so they are inspiring you to think creatively and learn in a more three dimensional way. This style of exhibit allows those of all ages to interact uniquely and for this reason you might see a 4 year old or an elderly person engaging with smiles and truly taking in each experience just the same.

A prime example of this is the Science Museum Oklahoma, located in Oklahoma City.

I recall visiting this museum as a child. At that time I always enjoyed the interactive exhibits which encouraged me to get hands on and play. This museum was ahead of its time and seemed to pioneer the concepts of oversized exhibits. There was and still to this day is a massive mouth exhibit which has teeth the size of a toddler and invites you time step inside to discover more about dental health. This always reminded me of Double Dare, now I am really telling of my age…lol.

I recall seeing my first science show here and to this day remember Cindy Science which used a series of experiments to share the love for science daily with children like myself. This was what my memories were made of as a child and have continued to inspire my adventurous spirit well into adulthood.

As an adult I have revisited the Science Museum Oklahoma and still they seem to be blazing a path and setting an example for other museums around the country. Cindy has probably long since retired but now stands a massive auditorium equipped with a firenado and a boom canon to illustrate physics and a variety of other science concepts through at least 2 shows a day.

Larger than life games including chess, jenga, battleship and cup stacking occupy an upper landing just outside of a massive room of space exploration. An optical illusion room tests the eye and challenges the mind upstairs just across from an Olympic center which shares challenges for physical feats.

But that is just the beginning! You can walk into a weather room and through your movement create snow, you can read, interact and view the massive power of a tornado, even feeling the wind by stepping into a chamber. Get a glimpse of dinosaurs through an animatronic exhibit, build and create planes, wind turbines and pressure launch bottles or learn to ride a vespa. In the most interactive exhibit you can walk into a world which closely resembles that of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where everything is interactive and completely hands on.

Really the possibilities are endless!

In my most recent trip here I noticed they had added an outdoor garden area which shares the science of composting, displays native plants and expresses the importance of maintaining the world around you.

I spent hours in the cool air of the museum engaging with all the exhibits and not once did I feel out of place being an adult. Why? Because this museum through it does have some areas designed for children, such as the children’s tree house play area, is designed for everyone!

Adult admission is $15.95 while children are $12.95 and if you think about how many things to do and the time you spend here the value for money is immense. If you are enjoying yourself fully you can even make a stop in the on site cafe for lunch and make an entire day of your trip here.

What better way to beat the heat than with an adventure of the mind where you can take in hands on fun and interaction but also challenge the mind through art and culture. So much under a single roof!


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