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How To Travel Amidst Covid

Does this mean we cannot find fun during these times of Covid if we are responsible, absolutely not. Though it might be a point of great controversy there are ways to safely leave your home and enjoy time away from the house for a break from the reality of the world around you.

Do Your Research

Knowing what areas are open for travel is your first step into being a responsible traveler during these times. This means not only individual spaces such as parks, campgrounds and attractions but states as a whole. If you are planning to travel to a particular part of the country, make sure your path there is not a more high risk area if possible.

While researching you will be able to find individual mask ordinances or additional precautions being put into place that you will need to be aware of and adhere to as well.

If you are planning to commute through some states there are still restrictions for out of state travelers, these things can all be found online by simply doing a few short searches. My suggestion is check directly with state sites versus only Googling popular answers on this one. Many media outlets have conflicting stories currently because of day to day changes so this one is best left to the official sites themselves.


When traveling if you will be going through a heavily restricted state, book in advance should you need to stay there or have a plan as to where you will be staying. If you are a person who is camping and you like to boondock research to see if the public lands you are wanting to use are currently available and prepare should they not be.

Pack more than enough supplies for your trip so you can limit stops in pass through states or communities. This restricts the amount of places you have to come into contact with others, this comes in handy especially in those states with higher risks, should you have to pass through.

Avoid High Risk Areas

Though sometimes it is impossible to pass into another state without using a public highway through another area, when possible avoid high risk areas. You can find the areas which are at higher risk online through the many tracking sites available. While you may or may not come into contact with Covid in these areas, it is always better to be safe instead of sorry when you can avoid additional risks.

Evaluate Your Own Personal Health

Are you at a higher risk for Covid? Do you have a pre-existing condition of any kind which might make your immune system less able to fight off anything from the common cold to the flu? As yourself the difficult questions and be honest with yourself. If you find you are at a higher risk, don’t chance going into larger cities with higher possibilities of you being exposed to larger amounts of people. If you still want to get out and do something opt for more remote and removed outings.

After you have done all of these things if you are comfortable with traveling, don’t be afraid to do so into areas which are considered safe for travel. Always be mindful that you are your own first defense against the possibilities so making smart and educated decisions is important. If you are traveling to an area which doesn’t require masks but you feel more comfortable in one, wear it. If you are a person who is going to be around people make sure you yourself keep your distance from others by being proactive about social distancing. The more we take accountability of our own actions when traveling the more comfortable we can become with doing things amidst the chaos going on. Be safe always!!


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