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Kansas Lakeside Campground Offering Improved Camping Within Moments Of Unique Art

I took a detour off the flat highway land in search of the town of Lucas where I had heard great things about their art installations. As I drove along the land began to open up to large rolling hills and beautiful landscaping with a turnoff just off the main road marked by some very interesting stones and a pavilion. I took a moment to pull off and noticed a kiosk which told the history of the area and some very impressive information about Lucas Park.

I was impressed by the information and one of the signs detailing the trails which led from just outside of the campground all the way to a very special cliffside which is renowned in the state of Kansas. So naturally I had to go check it out!!

Pulling into camp it had rained recently and some of the gravel roads were a bit slick for my small car, but I did notice they had some road work signs where they are working to improve these areas. The rest of the property was well developed and had great improvements including full service restrooms which were placed throughout camp and nice playground equipment for the kiddos.

The campground is divided into two separate areas. Each with their own unique appeal. I personally liked the campground closest to the pay station as it seemed to have better overall access to amenities such as community water. There was a good mix of campsites at this location with pull through and back in options with sites ranging vastly in overall spacing.

As a tent camper, I typically look for shaded areas which provide a little shelter from the elements and they did have several of these in this campground. Water access to the lake was also very close by although I didn’t see a swimming beach at the time of my visit. This could have been in part due to the rains and the lake levels or it could be that there indeed was not one in this area.

I had decent cell signal at this campground on AT&T.


  • On weekends make sure to book in advance, the lake is one of the biggest draws of the area.

  • Drive into town and check out the “US Largest Toilet Bowl” art installation, “Garden of Eden” and the downtown district where you can find a few unique pieces.

  • Don’t forget to stop off and try some of the famous Lucas bologna.

  • Check out the trail on the property to the rocks!


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