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Live The Legging Life While Traveling: What To Pack, How To Pick & Where To Go

What are some of your most important factors when traveling? Yes, this might seem like a pretty vague question, but when considering your style of travel you want to ask yourself many questions like:

Where am I going?

What will I be doing when I am there?

How will traveling?

All of these factor into one BIG decision: WHAT DO I PACK?

Depending on where we are going and the variety of activities we might be participating in while at our location we want to find things which offer comfort and flexibility. I like to have active wear or athleisure items always on hand when traveling no matter the location.


Items which offer comfort such as leggings and basic tops allow you to move freely when traveling.

Exploring a city? You only need to add a pair of good walking shoes.

Taking a hike? You need only some hiking boots to convert active wear into hiking attire.

Enjoying a cruise? Stay comfortable for activities ranging from dance to shuffleboard by dressing up or down a pair of leggings when you don't want to wear shorts.

Flying to your location?? Leggings are one of the most popular items for comfort in flight. Where there is such a limited space you do not want pants which bind you or create discomfort in the waist.

Leggings can be considered travel pants!!

But how do you know if your leggings are pants which can be worn alone or if you have to wear a long shirt? Simple!!

The Tug Test

You want to find leggings which are not sheer to the pull. When shopping in person really test the materials on the rack by tugging the material. Can you see your hand on the other side of the fabric when you do this??

Squat Proof?

If trying on, do a squat test to see what happens when you squat down in the dressing room. This can be a bit hard to determine sometimes in the tricky dressing room lighting so try to use your cell phone to get a different angle from another section of the store as well.


In person, another great method for checking your leggings is to take a photo of yourself wearing the leggings using the flash. Thinner material will often reveal your undergarments when doing this and thus would not be a good contender for wearing as pants without making sure you are covered by a longer shirt tail.


How do you find pants when you can't have them in hand?? Read reviews!! Sure it takes a little more time but by simply taking a few moments to read through reviews of those who have experienced the pants in person can prove to be essential.

In addition, in product descriptions be mindful of words which imply the material is thick and resilient. Double knit, thick density or moisture wicking. If a description speaks of a legging being breathable check your materials and make sure to try to read reviews on the ratios.

Additional Value Of Leggings

While we typically think of leggings as pants or an outfit in itself remember leggings can also be added to your travel bag for a variety of other helpful reasons. They can be layered to provide additional warmth in extremely cold conditions. They can also be worn under skirts to provide a more conservative option for travel in countries with more traditional values.


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