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Llano Offers Unique Riverfront Camping Experience

If you have ever been through this area you might have stopped off to enjoy the water front views, the picturesque bridge and falls or maybe even a picnic in the park. But what you might have missed is an opportunity to camp in this location!!

When I pulled into town for a brief moment to rest along long road trip I thought I would check out some of the campsites the community has to offer. I was advised to stop over to check out the rock creations at this park and told that sometime they have camping available at the unique location.

Indeed they do! During the unique community events the park is opened on a ticket basis for a limited number of campers. This number has changed in recent years due to flooding along the river banks which damaged a portion of the area previously used.

For those wanting to visit during these unique events it is well worth the escalated ticket price of staying at the park. During the LEAF (Llano Earth & Art Festival) tickets are priced between $75 and $100 per camp.

This price puts you right in the middle of all the action without having to find additional parking during the very busy time in such a small community. This park currently only accepts car or tent campers however!

While LEAF is not only festival which has access to the park it is the most popular. If you are wanting to camp during non-event times you must contact the City of Llano for approval.

So what is the benefit of this location??

It is beautiful! Natural beauty abounds while still nestled in the middle of the town. The river run-through the park and sets its northern boundary. Inside the park there is art thriving from stacked totems to unique creations all complimenting the natural environment around you.

Bonus: There are flushing toilets and running water in the restrooms located by the parking area and picnic tables throughout the upper portion of the park. In addition you are only a few hundred yards from downtown and all its charm, though when standing by the river you will feel so far removed from the world that it won’t matter.


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