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Nebraska Shares Unique Americanized Version Of Stonehenge Attraction

When it comes to unique attractions, the United States is littered with artistic creations. From larger than life random objects to locations which offer a creative voice to commonly visited locations abroad. From the Eiffel Tower to Stonehenge, the US has managed to find its own unique way to share the most visually stimulating locations from around the world in their own back yard.

I have visited several of these larger than life iconic Americanized versions and it never fails to bring a smile to my face as I find yet another one time and time again.

But never did I expect to find such a unique interpretation of the iconic Stonehenge when visiting the state of Nebraska!! The state is vast and expansively covered by flat laying lands with large crops, but in the midst of the harvest lands one such location offers a departure from the norms of the state as Carhenge arises from a field and shares a cheeky version of the original in the heartland.

What is it?

Carhenge is an interpretive site of sorts created by Jim Reinders and his family in 1987. Jim, who had spent some time abroad learning about the original Stonehenge returned stateside and had a vision he wanted to share with others. In this vision, he could see the iconic structure being recreated in a way that people locally could enjoy, but his idea was not without some hurdles.

How would he create this? What would it take to make it something people would want to see? How could he make the knock off version something which would have the staying power of the original?

The idea brewed for some time before its creation and in 1982 following the death of his father he consulted with his family about the idea. They set a goal of creating the site as a sort of memorial and opted to created it as a family.

The vision became more and more of a reality and less of a dream as they continued to sort out of the details over the next 5 years. Cars were selected as the choice of medium for the build and scale was then determined. By 1987 it was time to execute and with a family of 35, 39 automobiles and a mission which spanned only a few short days the piece now entitled "Carhenge" was created.

It's official dedication was during the Summer Solstice in 1987 where it was christened with poetry, champagne, songs and a play written by the family.

Now all these years later the site welcomes some 60,000 noted guests each year. Flocking to the Alliance area and caters to even more on their live webcam daily. It is.a site which embodies a passion for the art, a families dedication and a unique sense of creation.

Over the years additional creations have been added to the property including some very impressive "animals" which are more than worth a look along the pathways. It is interesting to see the unique nature of each piece and how the artist which created the item used repurposed parts to think outside of the box.

So you might be asking yourself, "How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

There is NO cost to check out this attraction!! I was surprised when I arrived to find only donation boxes at the front entry for those wanting to leave a little token of their appreciation of the site. While the attraction itself does not have an admission, there is a store on site which you can find snacks, treats, drinks and small commemorative items for your visit at a varied expense.


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