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Oklahoma City's Art Fun House: Factory Obscura Mix-Tape

Oklahoma City has become a vibrant source for fostering artistic talent. With many districts now boating much more colorful displays and creative works, the city has come to life and exudes a vibrant artistic culture.

One group in the city however, stands above the rest when it comes to presenting unique creations to spectators through their visual and auditory artistic works. A collective of over 30 artists has formed to create some of the most iconic gallery spaces you will find in what was formerly known to be the Automobile Alley district of the city.

Sometimes abstract or controversial in subject matter the collective has evolved throughout the years sharing their vision and curating a unique array of materials, designs, textures and sounds to evoke feeling and emotion throughout their works. And finally after an evolution they now call home Factory Obscura.

Factory Obscura began as many art collectives do, using temporary exhibits to express their creativity and share it with a large audience. First fueled by the creative passions of one of Oklahoma City’s most noted bands, the Flaming Lips, a building was transformed overnight in 2011 with bold colors and bright statements in a very abstract way and called “the Womb”.

The statement was heard loud and clear in the city and it was considered to be an iconic gallery space for the brightest, best and boldest to showcase their works. In addition parties and events could be held in a unqiue setting, a gift shop was established for local artists to share their creations and warehouse space was made available for magic to happen.

Throughout the years the space again evolved and a more permanent installation Mix-Tape was introduced. With immersive experiences around every corner guests could visit Mix-Tape and be a part of the story as they explored the various rooms and followed the journey the displays shared.

Upon a visit to Mix-Tape you are told to immerse yourself fully by touching surfaces, listening to the music, interacting with the exhibits and learning the story as you travel through the emotional journey of a mix-tape. Throughout this journey you are transported into magical worlds with fictitious creatures, bold colors, vibrant colors, mood setting lighting and so much more. You can take a slide or a crawl through or simply walk around to one of the many zones within and discover tiny well thought pieces of the story.

A visit will spark each of your senses and with special glasses or monocles you can enhance your journey even more so by altering the perception of each room with unique distortion. In over 6,000 square feet of space to roam and discover you will find that some rooms might call to you and appeal to your sense of wonder, adventure or your own creative side.

Factory Obscura is not your typical art gallery with static images and peering observers. Instead it is a space which challenges you to see the joy, angst, love, melancholy, hope and wonder in each experience and with that you can do so at your own pace.

What is art? Is it something to be stared at from a distance? Or is art something to be a part of within your existence? This is what Factory Obscura allows you to question in a fun and interactive way. No trip to Oklahoma City is complete without a trip to Factory Obscura’s Mix-Tape.


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