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Simplified Packing With Swimwear Hack

A great detailed swimsuit can double as a great top for a variety of looks when traveling for a shorter time span. Think creatively!! Also consider floppiy hats which can easily stow away in your bag and pop back out without creasing. This one from WalMart is only $4.99 and travels very easily.

Often when traveling I for short trips I try to minimize my luggage. Especially when I find a budget trip on an airline which might have higher cost for baggage, I make sure to only have a carry on or personal item when arriving. That sometimes means I have to think a little outside of the box when planning.

While obvious solutions such as pairing down my skincare and hair products, selecting only the must have make up items and leaving the bulky electronics at home might seem like a given, sometimes we forget that we can make the most of a smaller bag simply by thinking out how we can get the most use out of our clothing items we take.

Transitioning your wardrobe from day to night or event to event is something which can save you big when it comes to bag changes on airlines. Not to mention it can eliminate the worry of overthinking once you arrive. In all my adventures I have found that for an overnight or a two day trip I can usually make it happy with a great backpack and some creativity without issues.

Especially for women our clothing is smaller and more compact when packing. So why not find items you like and make them work.

Let’s use the example of a trip to Miami where you will be playing at the beach, roaming around Ocean Drive and possibly going out for the evening. While the atmosphere in Miami is relaxed you do want to make sure you have access to a few things which will provide you a feeling of being comfortable and covered when not on the sand.

I like bathing suits which can do double duty. While I love a good two piece as much as the next girl a one piece can transition better for multiple purposes. I typically can make do with a one piece in 3 different ways.

I like to bring a pair of reasonable sandals for walking around and also hitting the beach and a pair of cute heels which do not take up a lot of room in my bag for evening. I can then take a single one piece and wear it alone while on the sand, with a cute maxi skirt when exploring Ocean where I will shop and dine at local restaurants and then with a pair of denim shorts or rolled jeans for a night out at most of the locations. While this will not be perfect for some of the higher end clubs, most of the clubs in this area this is highly appropriate.

I love how a single base can bring you so many options!

From there it is really about finding which suit best expresses your style. I enjoy a variety of cuts and fashions and have found that even the most basic can add value when it comes to packing for a short trip like this. While I love bold colors and prints, I typically think in way of layers when selecting which will be my key item I put into my bag. If I think something looks great, I will more likely feel amazing wearing it and own the look and not be afraid that someone will comment on it being a bathing suit.

A great high waisted maxi skirt can be awesome for transition directly from the beach to some shopping or dining while not fully changing. Great with a pair of sandals !!

In reality, beach locations really are all about being comfortable in your own skin and your own wardrobe. Don’t overthink!! Just pack light and take an overnight trip to somewhere you can can unplug and have a little fun. You can do so without packing everything you own and I guarantee you won’t miss a thing while you are out there enjoying yourself and not spending time worrying about what combination of items you want to wear.


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