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Texas Camping Enthusiast Can Now Give Back To Parks Through Conservation License Plates

If you are a Texas resident who happens to love camping you now have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the Texas State Park system. For years the state has offered numerous styles of license plates to express your personality, show support for armed forces or highlight your farm or government status, however now they are offering 8 new plates designed to target key portions of the conservation goals for the state.

Texas Rivers, Keep Texas Wild, Texas State Parks, Hunt Texas and Fish Texas will now be available to those interested in customizing their plates to include their favorite past time, locations or thoughts.

The specific State Park plates are designed with a tent or Bluebonnet option and each display the "Texas State Parks tag on the bottom just below your plate number. The plates are $30 of which $22 goes to fun conservation efforts in the State Park system.

Despite popular belief of needing to wait until your registration is due, you can upgrade before this time to show your immediate support for the Texas State Parks. In addition to the License Plates, you can always show support for State Parks locally by visiting, making an effort to assist by keeping parks clean and helping promote the experience and encourage others to do so as well.

CLICK HERE to get your plates before your next big camping adventure.


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