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Top 5 Hacks For Packing Your Jewelry When Traveling

Have you ever packed away a necklace only to find it in a big knotted mess when you arrive and are ready to wear it? Nothing is worse than trying to untangle a delicate chain and feeling like you are just wasting your time fumbling with your fingers to the point of frustration.

How can you prevent it from happening though? What happens when you have to pack your delicate items away in carry on or check bags which are often carelessly shifted? Is there a way to resolve this issue and make sure your valuable time traveling is spent enjoying yourself rather than struggling with other things?

YES! I have explored a variety of options throughout my many travels and found these five hacks to be the most effective when packing a bag and hitting the road, grabbing a flight or boarding a boat for your adventure of choice.

1 - Roll Up Towel Or Wash Cloth

This is one of my personal favorite methods for keeping necklaces from tangling. For most effective usage of this method you should find a towel slightly longer than your longest item.

Lay flat and space each item slightly to prevent them from pressing into one another and having an opportunity to tangle. Then start from one side and roll the towel tightly much like you would a sushi roll or a newspaper.

When you have fully rolled the towel then you can use rubber bands to secure the ends like a piece of candy. By doing this your items will be held tightly and unable to slid out the ends or move inside the rolled towel.

Another reason I love this method is it then makes your items very easy to store in any small space of your bag. I often use this method then place the towel inside a pair of shoes for a quick and effective use of all space in my bag. This also keeps the jewelry out of the obvious reach of possible theft as it is secured in a place less explored by those with prying eyes and sneaky fingers.

2 - Buttons

Have you ever lost a small earring in your bag? I have so when I discovered this hack I was

blown completely away!

Buttons can be picked up at any store from Wal Mart to a crafting store. You can get them as singles or in large groups and they have a million uses well beyond being something which helps you fasten your blouse or shirt.

Threading earrings through a button can keep them together and also keep you from losing backs. This is much better than keeping the plastic holders many earrings are sold with because they are much smaller so you can store them much easier.

3 - Straws

Smaller chains are the worst when comes to getting tangled. These often are the most frustrating of all the jewelry you carry or wear. But by using a simple straw you can keep them from tangling by threading through the necklace and then fastening.

Straws take up very limited space and also are able to bend so this makes a very effective packing technique for delicate jewelry. This method however does not work well with bulky jewelry.

4 - Eye Glass Case

Glasses cases are designed to protect your lenses from the elements. They can do the same for your jewelry!

I often find that keeping beaded jewelry in these cases is a great alternative and I can also pack my finer jewelry items in a hard case without worrying about it being damaged should my luggage shift in transit.

When packing my glasses case should I need additional padding, a small pair of socks placed on top can cushion the items more fully and stop any shifting which might occur. Also, of course, creating a great place to stow a pair of socks!

5 - Jewelry Pouches

This one is pretty basic in thought but I have been surprised how many people don’t use these awesome little pouches. I have noticed several jewelry companies have gravitated more and more toward packaging items in this manner.

I love using smaller pouches for grouping items when traveling for various outings I will be making. I often will attach a label so I will know what day or evening the pouch will be used or what outfit it will accompany which keeps my items in smaller groups thus not tangling in a large ball of mess.

(Photo features bracelet from My Intent (left), select your word and be your word keep your intentions daily when traveling. Also featured bracelets by 33 Shimmering Lights (right) bracelets designed to promote positive intentions while sharing in self expression through style)


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