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Travel With Confidence With These 4 Sleeve Styles

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Something many women can agree upon is our mutual resentment of our arms. Whether you are a bit heavier or thinner just alike our arm shape can be something which challenges us each uniquely. On one side of the spectrum women sometimes judge themselves more harshly when to thin and on the opposite side of the coin those who feel they carry to much weight in their arms alike have equal concerns about tops and how they should find their own unique voice when they aren’t as secure about this area.

Rather than beating ourselves up there are a few options which can embrace the features we love while concealing those we do not. These styles themselves can be carried from season to season simply by changing your fabrics and textures and with that you can transition from Spring or Summer travel well into Fall and Winter travel.

Off The Shoulder Sleeve

This look is perfect for those who love to show off a little skin and keep mystery in a few of those less than flattering feeling areas. If you have a nice décolleté and love your shoulders this is a great look.

I personally love sharing this style of look in a variety of manners including a print where the top does all the talking, like the one featured in the photos or with a solid where a statement piece of jewelry can share my personality. I tend not to mix patterns and jewelry however in this style of top because it can easily become overpowering. The point is for you to shine not to cover yourself in a variety of layers when wearing this style of top.

The off the shoulder sleeve look comes in a variety of fits and forms and can range from a crop length to a flowing hip length. Sleeves can also vary on these style of tops from a shorter sleeve which only covers a few inches to a full length option which can easily conceal all of the portions of our arms we want to disguise.

The various forms and fits create such a variety in this style of top that it can easily work for all body types. For those less excited to show off their midsection you can find wonderful loose flowing fabrics which help to camouflage your insecurities and prints which can slenderize your frame easily with this top by creating a shape which plays off of your structure of the shoulder.

The featured look by A New Day was a Target find which off rack retailed at $22. I love that the material on this blouse is a bit more firm and could be a summer day or evening look but could easily also work its way into the fall season. I probably would not wear this midday on a Texas summer because the fabric is a bit more sturdy and heavy but at night it would be perfect as the sun sets and I want to amp up my casual and cute style or pair it with a great black or red heel for an evening out.

I styled the look for this with a pair of thin high rise black jeggings available at Old Navy for only $22. These are very breathable and sit just a bit above the ankle, a great length for summer. I opted to add the fedora I had found at Target for $9 for a little punch of my own personality and played down the jewelry with only a diamond stud for simplicity.

BatWing Sleeve

This is a popular silhouette for a lot of women as well. The sleeve itself can be carried through in a variety of styles including kaftans, tunics and dresses. I love that a BatWing typically follows the form of the original intended shape with a gather toward the midsection which creates an hourglass form in a flowing comfortable way.

The sleeve itself can vary from more of a loose flowing sleeve form to a wing style form and this can allow fabrics to move in various manners. The key to this is finding the cut which works best for you, something quite easy to do through simply trying on a few garments at your local store and then making sure to translate proportions into size charts if ordering online.

This is the most forgiving of designs so once you find the style you prefer it is smooth sailing. The garments featuring this sleeve vary across the board in prints and fabrics and can be found in everything from dresses and tops to swimwear coverups. While they do feature this style across seasons the most vibrant styles always can be found in summer!

The look I have featured is one of my favorite summer looks because of the cool summer tones and the blend of the sheer free flowing fabric and thin and comfortable slip like layer beneath which allows this dress to be worn out for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

The dress by Speed Control New York originally retailed for $35.00 but I found it at Burlington where I saved $15 and snagged it for $20 well invested. I have dressed this look up upon occasion belting it at the gathers of the waist with a chunky style belt which encapsulates the sleeves a bit and restricts just how flowing they appear and have left it free flowing just alike. I love that this look can be worn with a simple pair of sandals or my personal favorite a cute pair of wedges depending on the occasion and where I happen to be going.

Because the print of the dress is such a statement I often do not overwhelm my look by piling on additional bangles or large chunky necklaces. Instead I opt for a very thoughtful pair of earrings such as the Adiore Jewels featured here which add a little statement and echo the colors of the dress through a single jeweled area. The design, all be it intricate is not overpowering to the look and simply brings the color upward a bit to showcase the beauty of the jewels. These earrings, the Fern and Leaf Flemma Azul hand crafted earrings retail for $131.00 on the companies website.

Slit Sleeve

The Slit Sleeve is perfect for supplying a little coverage with a little show as well, we shall call this the Show & Tell top. While most longer sleeves are much too warm for summer months, this sleeve is designed to allow circulation and can be much cooler. Typically the sleeve is designed with at least 3/4 of the length open, the slit can be positioned in various manners to reveal more of your arm or hide it away depending on your preference.

Many wear a slit sleeve with their arm fully exposed by changing the direction of the wrist cuff itself, while others choose to be a bit more modest in their coverage and allow the slit to face forward thus providing a nice bit of coverage.

For this look I found a jumpsuit retailed at WalMart off rack for just under $20. The material is light breathable polyblend material which stretches and flows well in the heat of summer. I like my jumpsuits a bit longer on the leg so I can easily pair them with wedges or sandals and this one was a perfect suit to my style.

I did size up a size however to ensure it had enough comfort in my lower section which is a bit more where I carry my curves. Never fear going up a size if it means you will find something which fits your taste. Size is just a number and no two brands run exactly the same.

The striped pattern of this look really creates a flattering illusion on the body and elongates the frame. The belt cinches in at the waist and allows your proportions to be manipulated as you feel most comfortable. Lastly, the plunge of the neckline really gives a great look for a summer night out and allows you to wear a draping pendant or chain like this one from 33 Shimmering Lights. Versions of this Resonator Pendant Necklace can be found on the website from $20-$25.

This look is great for just about any occasion at home or on your travels. It does not wrinkle which makes it perfect for packing in tight spaces, it gives a great feeling of comfort so it can easily be taken to warmer climates and worn as a dressed up or down outfit and it was budget friendly so you can spend less at the store and take more with you for your adventures.

Open Sleeve

The Open Sleeve has been nicknamed the cold shoulder, but there is nothing cold about these hot and popular looks. It is one of the most popular recent trends and has been transitioned into rompers, blouses, crops and maxi style dresses. And as you can imagine from that range that means there are a lot of options for pretty much every body type out there.

The open sleeve can be worn many ways including long, short, flowing or encapsulated. It in fact has so many variations that you might find an open sleeve with a batwing base, short or long sleeve and in any season of fashion.

For summer there are literally hundreds of options for this sleeve in such a wide variety of fabrics from a standard t-shirt style jersey, cotton, rayon, polyester and everything you can imagine in between. This style really does come down to you finding what works best for you and your own comfort level.

For this look I chose a billowing and flowing Open and Batwing Combo top I had originally found at the now defunct DOTS. This top originally retailed for $15 at that location and I am honestly really sad they went out of business. I did however look and find a few alternatives very similar in form and style at retailers such as Venus, Torrid and Bloomingdales. This style of top is very popular and can range in price point based on which retailer you choose but the simplicity of the look is very universal.

This is a key summer piece in my opinion because it does have so many cute ways it can be styled. I loved this with some high rise denim rolled skinny jeans by YMI, retailed at $48, and just a basic bralette underneath it. It was cool enough to enjoy on a Texas summer day and allowed me to pair it with some nice simple sandals. The top met my high rise jeans just at the top and bloused out thanks to the loose and comfortable banding at the bottom, but also allowed me to tuck it in if I were wearing some super high jeans or bell bottoms for an entirely different look.

The top has the option of being tied or leaving it open and I chose to leave it open to allow a perfect framing for my delicate necklace by Sincerely Silver. The Coordinate Mountain Necklace (CLICK HERE FOR FULL COLLECTION ) is a cute and stylish way to commemorate a personalized place which has meaning.

The location I chose is home, which means more to me than anything and provides me with a reminder and balance when traveling that no matter how far I have gone home is right there with me. This necklace retails for $49 online.

Finding the right look for your style and comfort can be key into boosting your confidence and also enjoying your adventures. It doesn't matter if you are a size 0 or a size 26 we all have things we feel less than confident about and because of that we cower away from putting ourselves out there. But something as simple as the cut of a top can transform us into our best versions of ourselves! So why not get out there and see which one makes you feel amazing, you deserve it!!

Remember live life more fully, enjoy the world around you and get out there and try new things!!


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