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Travel With The Color Of The Season With These 3 Key Travel Fashion Items

Traveling this spring?? Why not be right on trend with bold yellows as you take to your weekend get away, staycation or on your urban exploration!

This season there is no denying that yellow has been seen in every major market. You don’t have to go and completely max out your card just to be on trend however, instead you can find a few key pieces to make your mark on Spring trend while traveling and keep more money in your pocket for your big adventures.

I found that with 3 styles of blouses and a few mix and match items I could change up my look time and time again while staying on trend. I encourage you to find one casual t-shirt, one sleeved crop and one lacy tank top to round out your fix on yellow this season and here is why…

A t-shirt by far is one of the most transitional items you can have in your wardrobe. This item can be dressed down for an adventure or a workout or dressed up with the right accessories to create a look fit for a dinner out. I personally love the play on casual and dressy that a yellow t-shirt brings to the table because it is one of those colors that can really bring your personality to life.

My personal favorite with this item is that I can pair it with pair of leggings and sneakers for a day of adventure or a pair of shorts and sandals for a day of trolling in the city. I can then easily add heels to shorts or potentially throw on a good pair of jeans and I am ready to go for a night out.

The sleeved crop is a great look for throwing on a big floppy hat some sandals and some jeans and exploring a vineyard or having brunch with friends. I love the look of detail so the crop I found has a little appliqué and also ties at the waist. This look also pairs well with high waisted palazzo pants when you want something that is a bit more airy and free feeling for a hot day or a casual but cute evening.

A lacy tank top has a lot of benefit over a plain one when it comes to transition. While a plain or ribbed tank can work great for a more casual look much like the t-shirt if you really want a key piece which can add a lot of wow, find a lacy one.

I found one that has a lace detail that is a bit longer, I liked the look of this for wearing it not only solo but also with layering. I found that the look completely transitioned when tucked versus unticked and by doing so doubled the wearable value of the top.

The tank was a great addition for bring out a bit more of a summery look with shorts but also could really be highlighted when transitioned into evening with a pair of heels and jeans, I really liked this look tucked in so it could provide more of a shape than the top out and it made

it look much more like an outfit I would want to wear for a night out. I could easily see this tank working well with a variety of locations because it really gives you a lot of value and look.

When searching for my key items I found a few hints of color along the way which I found even further expended the value of the three tops by transforming them and creating options. Instead of 2 basic looks with each (with shorts or with jeans) you could add a kimono and turn 2 into 4. By adding tucked or untucked with the t-shirt and tank you could turn now 4 into 8 looks.

I found a kimono/ casual robe with a pop of the bold yellow. I loved that this piece could be worn with a basic black and really be the star, or it could be paired with these bold yellows and accentuate the pop of yellow found in the design. I am personally a big fan of layers which add value to your bag without adding a lot of extra weight. Being able to transition a look from day to night with simply a layer or a shoe change can really be a packing hack, especially when you have limited space or are flying on an airline which seems to punish you for weight and bag size.

Another great reason to find a kimono is that it has yet another purpose, a pool cover up. Should you be going to a location which centers around water, this can be a wonderful addition because it will bring you value in yet another way.

My last big yellow find was a cute cross body purse. I like to keep my things close by instead of always carrying my backpack style purse when traveling. Feel like having something you can have in hand when in crowded spaces has a bit more security. Why not find something like this in yellow to make an impact??

I found a small purse which could be used with any of the three tops or kimono in travel. It is the perfect size for the absolute essentials, which is all you really need. I like that it can be styled for more casual outings or for a nicer event as well. Small to stow in my larger carry on when flying or small enough to be concealed under my seat in my car if need be.

Now that you have a few ideas go out and look at stores near you, are there any of these three items where you shop?? Think about the color yellow and how you can bring life to your spring fun by simply adding a few pops here and there.

Remember yellow is a color which signifies freshness and happiness but also energy. I think this is the perfect color for spring as it brings in a new sense of adventure, an overwhelming ability to find our own happiness and the energy to embark on something exciting to help us live life more fully!!


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