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Walk Like A Ranger, Talk Like A Ranger

For the Questival we opted to really take being a Ranger to the next level and you can too by remembering these simple pieces to incorporate into your unique Ranger look. Rangers of course are those who watch over our outdoor spaces. They are known for a standard issue khaki shirt, usually Green, Navy or Brown Pants, boots, suspenders and a hat, our version of the ranger was a bit more lively and fun and here is why.

Dyrt Rangers are not your standard issue Ranger! They are the Rangers you want to be, the scouts of campgrounds across the country and the reviewers of all things camping. They are each unique and have a personality which is echoed in their wardrobe. While the standard

Ranger concepts do apply, so do the unique ones which are associated with each Ranger.

My personal look included the typical markers of a traditional Ranger with hat and suspenders and even paid homage with a unique pair of navy pants, however I took the look to a new level by adding pieces of flair which express my personality on my suspenders, patches added by my fellow teammate to my hat and unique socks highlighting the theme of the event of Questival.

Adding the function of a good graphic t and sneakers the Dyrt Ranger look was complete.

But why was each piece selected?

Dyrt Ranger Shirt - The shirts we wore during the Denver Questival highlighted the site which brought us all together, The Dyrt, a unique camping resource for finding excellent camping options across the United States. Each of my 3 teammates and myself all serve as Rangers for the site, hence the name Dyrt Rangers for our Questival entry. BECOME A PART OF The Dyrt HERE

Your take on the shirt could include a graphic t-shirt of your choosing which expresses your own unique and quirky personality. Make sure to match the shirt with the notes of color in your pants of choice.

Navy Body Glove Leggings - I chose to dive head first into many activities of this Questival in comfort with the Body Glove Leggings which provided lots of flexibility and range of motion. I wanted to make sure I stuck to a high waisted look to really echo the Ranger vibes and though the leggings obviously are a tighter version of the traditional pants they offered more comfort and breathability. GET THE LEGGINGS HERE $87

Your take on the leggings could include any leggings you choose of any color to compliment your shirt. For men, obviously this might not be a choice you opt to dive head first into so I would suggest an outdoor pant that is very comfortable and offers a great stretch for tricky challenges.

Suspenders - While my teammates opted to not reflect the suspender vibes of the traditional Ranger, I thought with the leggings that this would be an awesome touch. It had big outfit payoff in the overall visual, not to mention they really did help make sure my pants stayed firmly in place as we did some of the harder challenges. By adding pieces of flair, aka buttons I could use the suspenders as a canvas for further expressing my personality, what a way to really make some boring black suspenders shine! GET THE SUSPENDERS HERE $8.95

Socks & Souls Llama Socks - I knew I really wanted to reflect the theme of the event and the best way to do that would be to share the mascot with the world with llama socks! I teamed up with Socks & Souls because their message is right on target with our mission in participating in the Questival of Doing Good. The company has an awesome 1 to 1 message where for each pair of socks shipped out they also make a donation of a pair to a different charity each month. While they also have a variety of other sock options which are beyond cute, the llamas were perfect fit for our event. GET THE SOCKS HERE $10

Your take on the socks could be one of the many additional pairs of socks provided by Socks & Souls which best fit your theme. They even have some awesome outdoor socks just to really echo the camping theme if you are trying to go traditional Ranger.

Ranger Hat - What Ranger is complete without a hat? We opted to have the soft brim hats which highlighted an adjustable closure at the neck, this came in handy more than a few times as we ran down the street and needed the hats to really stay in place. The wide brim was not only perfect for being on theme but also provided a great shade during the heat of the day. Fellow Dyrt Ranger Daniel jazzed the hats up even further to provide that real personalized touch by finding and ironing on some great camping patches.

Your take on our Ranger Hat could be a costume version available at most costume stores or a hunting and fishing hat available at any sporting goods shop.

If you want to look the part you have to only have fun with it, make it your own and be your best version of your favorite look. Want to be a Ranger? Come join us in the fun with this look!!


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