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Walmart Boondocking Tips : What To Do & Not To Do

For many adventurous road trippers and budget-conscious travelers, boondocking at a Walmart parking lot can be an appealing option. Walmart's lenient policies on overnight parking make it a convenient stop for those seeking a safe place to rest during their journey. However, it's important to follow certain etiquette guidelines to ensure a positive experience for both yourself and the store. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of boondocking at Walmart and the etiquette you should observe to make your stay enjoyable.

  • Understand the Policy: Before settling in for the night, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with Walmart's overnight parking policy. While many Walmart locations allow overnight parking, some may have local regulations prohibiting it. The official policy encourages courteous behavior, respecting local ordinances and individual store preferences. Always check with store management to confirm that overnight parking is permitted.

  • Park Strategically: When selecting a spot, choose an area away from the main entrance to avoid obstructing customers or causing congestion. Opt for a corner or less busy section of the parking lot. Avoid parking in spots designated for disabled individuals, as they are crucial for those with disabilities.

  • Maintain a Low Profile: While boondocking, it's important to remember that you are a guest on Walmart's property. Keep a low profile by refraining from activities that may disturb or inconvenience others. Avoid deploying your RV slides, setting up tents, or placing tables and chairs outside. This helps maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance and ensures other customers can move freely.

  • Be a Good Neighbor: Practice good neighborly behavior by keeping noise to a minimum during the evening and early morning hours. Refrain from running generators overnight, playing loud music, or revving engines excessively. Respect the peaceful atmosphere and consider the comfort of others.

  • Clean up After Yourself: Maintain cleanliness and leave no trace by picking up any trash or litter around your parking space, even if it isn't yours. Walmart parking lots are shared spaces, and maintaining their cleanliness benefits everyone. Dispose of your own waste responsibly and avoid dumping any type of waste, including gray water or sewage, on the premises.

  • Arrive Late and Leave Early: To avoid disrupting regular Walmart customers, it's best to arrive late in the evening and depart early in the morning. This allows you to utilize the parking space while minimizing the impact on the store's operations. Use the opportunity to rest, refresh, and continue your journey promptly.

  • Show Gratitude: While it is not a requirement, expressing gratitude can go a long way in maintaining a positive relationship between Walmart and boondockers. Consider making a purchase at the store during your stay or simply showing appreciation to the store management for allowing overnight parking.

Boondocking at Walmart parking lots can be a convenient and cost-effective option for travelers seeking a safe place to rest during their journey. By adhering to proper etiquette, such as avoiding setting up camp, keeping noise levels low, cleaning up after yourself, and respecting Walmart's policies, you can ensure a pleasant experience for both yourself and the store. Remember, boondocking is a privilege, so let's make sure we leave a positive impression for future travelers. Happy travels and safe boondocking!


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