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Washington Camping Riverside At Fox Creek Campground Just Beyond Cascade Loop

When I was traveling the Cascade Loop I quickly learned that cell signal is something to be desired. However it was through this common issue that I discovered a happy accident with Fox Creek Campground. Nestled many miles down a well paved roadway winding through the forests a small sign indicated the turn in for a quaint campground maintained by the Forest Service.

A word of warning before you venture here, if it has been raining a lot you want to be aware that you might experience flooding in some of the campsites due to their proximity to the river. But should you venture when it is not raining, this campground is one you would fall in love with quickly if you enjoy something a little off the beaten path.

Sites are available for only $10 and the no frills camping offers only vault toilets as amenities. However each campsite is fairly even and has room to spread out without having to worry to much about your neighbors. Each site offers the basics of a picnic table and fire ring in addition to lantern hooks. Sites have clear marked paved parking areas and signage indicates there is no parking in non specified areas.

Much like other campgrounds in the area this location does not accept the Discover Pass however does require a Recreation Pass to be displayed. This includes the America the Beautiful Pass.

The campsite I decided upon was well cleared for camping however offered the canopy of tall trees to keep the sunshine from beaming down. The pack of the ground below was even and clear of debris which made for a perfect set up for my tent and with a fine covering of pine needles provided just enough cushion to make for a comfortable evening.

Something I did notice at this location that made it a bit more unique than other camps in the area were the Mosquito Bite Free Zone hangers. I am not sure if they had been left by other campers or if they were provided by Forest Service but they were a great feature which seemed to really keep the bug away when I visited.

Being a part of the National Forest seeing the nature of the area was quite beautiful as the sunset passed through the trees and the sound of the water flowing quietly put me to sleep at night.


  • Firewood is not to be gathered at the campsite but can be purchased at the Silver Falls Guard Station nearby. Otherwise you will want to bring wood with you when you travel this way because you will be quite a ways from town.

  • If you are dependent on solar power, there are a few sites which have less tree coverage, however these are near the water and are coveted so arrive early to make sure you secure these.

  • This area is considered to be closed waters and does not allow fishing even with license. If you are looking to recreationally fish, you might check another campground in the area off the river. Many of the river camps are not accessible for fishing.

How To Find It:

Latitude: 49.925 N Longitude: -120.511 W


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