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Washington Offers FREE Access Days To State Parks & Other Locations

If you are a person who truly enjoys taking a quick get away to Washington State or are considering one for the first time there are a few days you might want to check out to save big!!

Typically a visit to a state recognized park or land can run you anywhere between $5 to $15 a day to gain access and use the area. This does not include any bells and whistles you might choose to indulge in while at this facilities. This is a mere entrance fee which allows you access only.

You can take advantage of the Annual Discover Pass if you are visiting more than one park or even spreading out your visits to a single park multiple times throughout the year. This pass is $35 and available at over 600 recognized vendors throughout the state.

But for those who are not sure if they want to commit to a pass and would like to avoid the stacking of fees you can take advantage of the 8 official days of FREE access to any of these facilities.

Days of observation of FREE access are:

  • Spring Day

  • Earth Day

  • National Trails Day

  • National Get Outdoors Day

  • National Park Service Birthday

  • National Public Lands Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Autumn Day

These days along with their official calendar day are posted annually within the calendar of events available through the Washington State Parks site.


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